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Editing picture taken from a screen

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Hello, everyone :)

I want to edit a picture which was taken from a screen (my niece's picture from a photo booth's screen that we couldn't print) but I have absolutely no idea how to start restoring it.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I should start?

Thank you in advance!
Hi Lisa,

Please upload the picture (max size JPEG 3500 X 3500 px) so our members can assess what needs to be done and explain it to you.
Hi, Eggy!!
Here is the original picture, it's not that noticeable around her hair but we can see that it was taken from a screen in her skin, I don't know how to edit it without messing the picture.

Thanks a lot, gedstar! It definitely looks better! I tried getting rid of the white bar and text by adding some elements from another picture, I just need to figure out how to blend the skin tones (because it looks too obvious) and I think I'll be done! Thank you for your help!!!

Two things need to be done, first straighten the image using the 'transform/warp' tool and remove the 'moiré' (rainbow colored like striping in the image) using the 'camera raw filter'.

I suppose you know how to use the warp tool, you'll need to adjust the picture until you're satisfied.

Then open the camera raw filter, pick 'basic' and the brush tool. Al settings should set at 0 but slide the 'moiré' slider to 50-ish

Use the brush to gently brush over the moiré.
I must say it reduces moiré but not always completely.




After that use a hue/saturation adjustmentlayer to adjust the colors.

Let us see what you made of it...

Here's a tutorial on how to remove/reduce moiré: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFteoCptzvM
(skip until mid clip. First half is about how avoid moiré while making the photo)

(Note: this was a quick one and not very good but just to show how...)
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