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Help/Advice needed


I have had no formal training on photoshop, over the years of running record labels i have had to learn and get through with what i can do.
But i am having huge trouble with trying to get any sort of design done for something very small ie 150 x 100 pixels.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there.....

Do you have any sample image to illustrate your problem? Are you resizing or cropping an image? Is the image created meant for print or for web use?

There are many variables we have to look into. Give us more info.....
I was asked to do any sort of artwork to advertise our brand on a pass/ticket that goes on a lanyard for a music festival (the allocated size we had was 150 x 100 pixels)
There is not really any artwork i can provide as everything i did whether try to resize an image from the website or create something new just ended in looking like pixels as opposed to any kind of decent image.
sample site.jpg the neon jungle part was something i had tried to resize to fit this.
I feel very stupid (but i also need to learn)
Copy pasted the wording, reduced in size then boosted colour saturation and a sweep with the lighting broom.