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Hi everybody. I have ARTiSTiC TENDENCiES


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Hi, my name is Elt. I'm a UK expat living in the US and I am a bit of a fan of Photoshop. I am always interested in learning new techniques and seeing what other people can accomplish with their art. I almost always have questions about Photoshop and hopefully I will have some answers for other peoples Photoshop questions from time to time. :cheesygrin:

I hope to be good enough one day where I can create realistic surreal photo manipulations. Below are two of my most recent artworks. Snow Spirit and Head in the clouds. Any hints, tips or critiques on how I could improve are most definitely welcomed. I want to learn more. :)
snow spirit.jpg head in the clouds.jpg
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Snow spirit you've done with great care to all details. It's wonderful!

I like Head in the clouds too.
It's quite a good concept, though the implementation shows that you experienced some problems to achieve this result.
There are many blotchy areas with strange colors in the clouds. This could be fixed by desaturating colors.

Hello Elt and welcome to PSG. Glad to have you join the forum.

I like both images, but I'm partial to Snow Spirit. I think you've done an excellent job on both so I really don't have any critiques on either.