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  1. J

    (paid) I need house railing from the second floor on the first.

    Hi guys, i need the wood railing from the second floor between the brick pillars on the first floor including a gate in-front of the sliding doors and the white box removed and replaced with railing. If you have any questions please ask and give a quote for this photoshop, i can transfer...
  2. chrisdesign

    3D Hightech Floating Island

    I tried a different approach to create a floating island. No Photoshop involved , just Blender 3D. Your questions, comments or critique are very welcome.
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Showcase For Steampunk Devices

    To complete this Blender 3D image from the first draft to the final render I was working on it for 30 hours. I look forward to your comments, questions or your critique.
  4. chrisdesign

    3D Copper Processing Facility

    Blender work of an industrial plant. I'm open for your comments, questions or critique.
  5. Z

    17MB image to 4MB

    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure where to leave this post and this seemed like the best place. My question is about file sizes, i created an image which is 17MB and i need it to be under 4MB what's the best way to do this? Feel free to ask more questions about the image if needed.
  6. R

    Help with new logo design !

    Hello to all, I am new to the site and would like help with a new logo design. I have a general ideal of what I would like it to represent but none of the templates I have seen so far work for what I need. I am used to doing photo editing, item removal, touch-ups, etc... but (sadly) I am not...
  7. G

    What are the most innovative designs accompanying quotes you ever seen?

    Hey guys, First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Georgi, 22 and editing photos has been my passion since I can remember. But recently I picked it on more than ever because that's part of my job right now. I'm a moderator of a...
  8. Rekov

    Greetings from rainy Oregon

    I am mostly a 3D artist, not a 2D artist, but I find myself using Photoshop often enough for making textures, so I thought it might be nice to have a place to ask questions every now and then.
  9. Christopher Careaga


    Hello to all. I have been involved with Photoshop since 2001 (ver 5.5) however I can't claim to be an expert or anything because I am self taught. I will probably ask a lot of questions. Please be patient. Thanks!
  10. R

    Hallo from Israel

    I am a new member. I have some questions and hope to get a help.
  11. V

    Hi, new member from Italy

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm a hobbyist graphic designer from Italy. I've been using Photoshop for a year and a half, but I still feel like I need help from time to time, so here I am! Hope my questions will be answered, I look forward to learning more about the use of this program!
  12. J

    Help with a background image

    I need some help. Im trying to create a background similar to this one but I need help on two questions. Can anyone tell me what was done to the background images to get them to look like this? 2nd questions the dark blue on the left and right how was that done? Thank you in advance
  13. C

    i am new member. I from Moldova

    Send me please a information about how i can write my questions in this forum. Thanks!!!
  14. L

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Esther (from the Netherlands) and I have just started working with Adobe Illustrator. I have always used Photoshop before and found out Illustrator is well - something else ;-) ! Thanks in advance for your help with all my questions! And I'll do my best to help out where I can. Cheers!
  15. chrisdesign

    3D Steampunk Gentleman Fragrance

    Since I'm still a big fan of steampunk, I thought it was about time to design my own fragrance in 3D. Here is my new brand "Vapeur". Questions, Suggestions, comments are very welcome.
  16. A

    Hi everybody. I have ARTiSTiC TENDENCiES

    Hi, my name is Elt. I'm a UK expat living in the US and I am a bit of a fan of Photoshop. I am always interested in learning new techniques and seeing what other people can accomplish with their art. I almost always have questions about Photoshop and hopefully I will have some answers for other...
  17. A

    Nice to meet you all

    Hi, Why am I here? I'm in search of people who can understand & answer my questions concerning CS5. Read: patience & an eternal smile :) Cheers
  18. J


    Hi All, Just a quick note to say hello to everyone. I am an amateur photographer and would class myself as a reasonable novice with PS. Have CC photographers package so LR and PS. Can do the basics and looking forward to learning more and improving my photographs. Sure I will have plenty of...
  19. A

    How would you do this?

    Hi everyone! So this is my first time posting! Yay! Ok... I was wondering if i could get any help on this. So i came across this picture Hopefully this comes up ok. From looking at the picture it seems like the man was added in and the shading detail under him was done in an photo editing...
  20. C

    Hi from Geelong, Australia

    I am looking forward to being part of this community & just hope I don't become a pest with all my questions