1. N

    Hellooo guys girls and gurus

    Hello everyone. My name is Liam, I am an amateur photographer and new to Photoshop. I love design and hope to learn a lot to be able to help others like my self in the future. Thanks in advance for taking the time out to read any questions I may have :cheesygrin:
  2. N


    Hi, I'm a beginner trying to get to grips with Photoshop - so expect me on this website quite often! lol Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me with my future questions. Nam
  3. D

    Hi very new user!

    Hi everyone. I will kindly warn you all now that I might bug you with my questions! I need help as its not working for me at all!!! thank Dave & sam
  4. Z

    3 pieces of college work i found

    Hey guys I found these three pieces on my old hard disk... I was just about starting to look at 3d at this point, I screwed myself over with this one as the module after this would've fit perfectly with these images XD having said that, the module later got me into 3D, sooo. :P anyway...
  5. M

    From Colorado

    Hey everyone. Hope to learn a lot as I have a lot of questions. Maggie
  6. AlcopopStar

    Hello from a pixel artist!

    Hey Gang, I'm a freelance pixel artist who used Photoshop professionally but still has a lot to learn. Looking to get some questions answered and maybe answer a few in return. :)
  7. G

    Logo: Remove background, convert to black and white / grayscale, up-rez

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to take out the background i.e. make it transparent and change the image to black and white (or any colour). I would also like to save it as a vector image so that I can scale it. I'm a total newbie at this! I've looked on YouTube but I must be typing in the wrong...
  8. IamSam

    Flowers and Personal Notes for Larry (ALB68)

    As you know, we recently announced the loss of one of our PSG members and fellow moderator Larry Bratton otherwise known as ALB68. We, the staff here at PSG, would like to collect personalized notes from any members who knew and interacted with Larry to be sent along with a nice flower...
  9. P


    Hi I just started using Photoshop recently. I hope you guys can help me out with some questions I have Thank
  10. R


    :) Hi I have just bought the latest photoshop with lightroom and i have no clue on how to us it lol. So please i apologise upfront for asking so many questions. Best regards Robert
  11. R

    greetings from Phoenix, AZ!

    Hey, I'm fairly new to Photoshop and DSLR photography. I have used the basics of Photoshop for a while but I'd like to learn how to utilize it more efficiently. sorry in advance for questions that have already been answered. I DO use the search function prior to any question asking.
  12. R


    My name is richard! I usually have my mind doing different projects and in doing so - Can conjure up plenty of questions.
  13. G

    Photoshop Resolution to Print Questions

    Hi, I am learning Photoshop in the hope of printing posters. I have questions regarding printing. Originally, when you create an image the resolution is set to 72 pixels/inch. I have learned I need to switch that to 300 pixel/inch. 1)Will I have to recreate all my images from scratch in...
  14. P

    Hello everyone

    I'm pTw, I actually do gaming videos and do motion graphics, but I need to know photoshop so I figured I'd sign up here to get help with some of my questions. I'm pretty good with after effects, so a lot of my questions will be about trying to do the same things I can do in after effects just in...
  15. O

    Hi Guys .. Some Questions ! :)

    Hi Guys How r u ? I'm new in Photoshop Gurus I like this Forum .. it's special i wish u can help me guys i've a many Video Tutorials ( about Photoshop ) Can i post Videos in Forum ? Which Forum i can Post Them ? Can u give me Some Advices ? Thank u :D #Omàar
  16. H

    hello all

    im new to photoshop. I hope i dont annoy everyone with all my questions :)
  17. terrylee


    Hey guys! I'm Terry, glad to be joining the board! Avid photoshopper here, although I wouldn't consider myself advanced by any means. I'm coming by with some questions and hopefully you guys can help me, and on top of that, I hope to become a longtime member of this community!
  18. M


    Hi everybody. I'm pleased to join to this forum. I hope find here answers on my questions with help of really Photoshop's experts and maybe my experience also can be helpful for somebody
  19. L

    What's Up, Friends?

    Hey there! I'm Lexielai, and I'm a novice at Photoshop and Graphic Design. Although I'm not very good, I'm hoping to become better, so I decided to create an account here for questions I might have. I hope to have a fantastic time with you all!
  20. C

    Hello From Alberta Canada!

    Hi, I love photography and I have some Photoshop experience but not a lot as in high school I loved being in the darkroom, still do I just don't have one. Thanks in advance for helping with my questions and hopefully I can eventually learn more so I can help others.