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  1. O

    Hello, i'm so brand new

    I'm so brand new i don't have photoshop.... yet. Currently using another program but soon to purchase photoshop elements. I have some questions for you guys.
  2. P

    Newbie with questions.

    My sister passed away in september :sad: I've copied you hard drive to an external drive thinking I could open her photoshop files. She has been work on family page for all of us and I want to finish them up. I got Photoshop element 9, the same software on her laptop. I can't find the files on...
  3. J

    Hello, I'm new (and with questions!)

    Hey guys, I posted over on the main board last night, but thought I should post here as well. I came across the forum while searching for photoshop tips - looks like a great resource! I'm a photographer located in Minnesota. Onto my newbie questions - is there something I need to do to...
  4. E

    Need exams answer for few questions about Photoshop CS4

    Need answer for few questions about Photoshop CS4 Hi everyone, I am sorry to ask but I need help from you guys. This is my 6th post in here after joining in this forum. I found it in google. :) I am newbie in photoshop and currently I have photoshop CS5 so Its getting hard for me to figure...
  5. F

    Two questions from an idiot.

    OK: I've been using Photoshop 7.0 on XP Sp3 but I've never really gotten the nomenclature of stuff down very well... consequently, I have a tough time finding solutions to things when I don't know what to call the "things" I'm trying to correct. (If that made sense, I'll have a double of what...
  6. Windows7

    Few questions about next affiche..

    Hi, Here's the affiche: My questions are: -How to make a soft contrast around a seperate image like on nr.1?It's like a edged away or something? -My second question is how he made a font type with kind of nails in it like on nr.2?I never seen it before.And the font right under it "mma...
  7. Vafann

    A couple of questions

    Hello! i need some help on a couple of questions that are probably pretty easy to solve, but I just can´t find them. 1- I see people around here talking about "stroke", like around fonts and things. What is it? My photoshop is in Swedish, if someone just tells me what it does or where it is...
  8. B

    Questions about album covers

    Hi everyone, I posted my intro just now. Basically I made some great mixtapes and want to make great covers. Here are my questions: For this link: ...what form of ps art is this so I can create something in that style? And for...
  9. A

    Two questions regarding layer masks and replacing colors

    1. How do I make a detailed layer mask so I can place a part of one image onto another image. There is only two colors (shades of green and the color black) so it should be easier than most of the tutorials I am finding online. How can I do this since I only have two colors? 2. Also, how can...
  10. A

    Questions about KNOCKOUT

    I want to know what the best and quickest method would be to kockout images of people from a background ? I've heard CS5 has a built in tool for this. I've also heard the plug in "Knockout 2" from Corel is useful. So what is the best tool to use ? Also, is the plug-in "Knockout 2" designed for...
  11. N

    Dummy Questions Around PhotoShop Versions Products.

    Hey Guy's Im a PS newb, as you can tell from my second post! Please be gentle if i come across a bit thick ;) Id be ever so grateful if you guys could help me out and answer my stupid questions. Would someone be kind enough to let me know in order the releases of PhotoShop? I know this is...