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Hi everybody!


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Hi everybody!
Just a quick introduction before asking questions, i guess that is the minimum
My name is Théo with the nickname of DoubleH (the name of a french rap production)
I'm 23 years old and am originaly from the south of France
I began photoshop when i was maybe 15 only doing banner profil pictures (you know the one you use for forums that is after each of your posts)
Then I stopped for while and just got back in because of the travelings and all the photo that I took
So I'm just a beginner in the photo treatment with a "good" understanding of photoshop's interface (layers, tools, clipping etc.)

Ok and as you see, my english is not perfect, i don't know many of the english technical terms, but I will learn with you guys ;)

Also I am sorry, but I always have this feeling so I need to say it, I am not someone that will be very active on the forum, so I will probably only come to ask a precise question, wait for the answer and then thanks the person...then I will probably be back the next time I have a problem
Hope that's good to you! It seems a bit rude

What else to say...I love sport (rock climbing), traveling, doing sport while traveling, be with my very good friends, spending hours on youtube watching **** etc :cheesygrin: (and I love food too :))

Ok I think that's about it, let's not get to intimate too soon

Have a lovely day everybody!

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Hello Theo and welcome to PSG. I hope you enjoy the forum and we are glad to have you here.