How do I make Timeline window not show up on startup?

Every time I open Photoshop, the Timeline window shows up. If I close it, it still reappears when I open a new file or next time I open photoshop again. How do i permanently stop it from appearing?
That closed it right then, but when I open photoshop again, or open a new picture, it's still showing up. This is perplexing.
hmm can't replicate it on my machine. Try resetting things and see how that goes. I am aware of problems with the Time Line, sometimes users having to reinstall Ps.
I guess you'll have to take your thanks back! Sorry, Uninstall & reinstall? I'm seriously not techy. I expect some more computer savvy folk to be on fairly soon this week. Others are around, but like the cops, not when you want them! Uh, when do you want them? Cops that is. Well, next time my neighbors . . .