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moving over to Affinity


I've been playing around with Affinity Photo & Affinity Design for a while , I've found it dos most things i need as Photoshop dos, So I'm going to move over to it, one of the main reasons is you can buy it, no subscription, And can do some things better than Photoshop, I admit it takes a little time to get use to it, but look how difficult it was when you first turn Photoshop on.

BUT before a total move over i want to test how photo manipulation and actual painting will go with this software.But so far so good.
Like them both but haven't had much time to play around with them, got them both for €80 which is a good price for what you get, also update versions are free until version 1.7 as far as I'm aware and then you have to pay for an upgrade after that which I'm sure will be a reasonable price too.
Look forward to seeing some of your work from both apps :thumbsup:
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Yes ... I also like the features and capability's of them.... most of all the pricing.... I've no doubt at some point in the future it might get costly but for what i do in Photoshop i can achieve in Affinity.... So that's the main reason for going over to it. I just hope they don't take the same root as adobe for pricing any time in the future.... I'm pretty sure that aside from business/professional users of Photoshop , the main stream hobbyist get a good stuffing from adobe , £104.85 a year for one single app each year + price increases, compare to £48.99 to buy the affinity app. Even upgrades of affinity will be cheaper. £97.98 for both Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer... still cheaper than 1 years subscription for 1 app of adobe.

I will let you know how i get on with it. Thanks for looking at this thread.