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  1. P

    Specific Picture Help

    Hello! I’m creating a series of “Stranger Things” themed photos, where I’m dressed as the character “Eleven” - she can move things with her mind, for those unfamiliar with the show. I did some amateur photoshop with an app, but was wodnering if anyone could add one thing for each of the two...
  2. S

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone, glad to be here :) I'm an industrial/3D designer, turned to graphics due to lack of 3D/industrial design jobs in my area (just being honest :)). So I'm working as a graphic designer and most of my tasks are easy and straightforward- mock-ups, colour changing, easy print and...
  3. Jerry D

    Advertisements on the board

    Am I seeing things or were there some displayed earlier today?
  4. S

    Hello guys

    Just joined...Totally clueless about all things Photoshop...but intrested in learning some basics.
  5. A

    Hello from Denmark

    Happy to be here. not gonna lie i jointed because i have some small probably ridiculously simple thing's i hope someone cab make. I tried i suck :)
  6. gedstar

    Only in Ireland

    You could run faster than one of these things :biglaff: you may wonder why people think we're backward in Ireland well here's proof, seriously you couldn't make this stuff up :bustagut:
  7. hawkeye

    See anything wrong

    I saw this picture posted on Facebook and to me it doesn't look right. I circled the area that stood out for me. Not that it matters really, it's just that I notice these things and wondered what others may think.
  8. E

    Nice to be here

    Hallo, my name is Eric and I am doing my first steps in photoshooting and photoshoping! Please don't be hard on me! I am sure to learn so many things here
  9. Eggy

    3D Blender - Matchbox

    An exercise in real things
  10. C

    New and not sure how this works :)

    Hello all! I joined because im really hoping to gdt some photoshop help. I have a picture i need edited but i am hopeless with art things so can one of you do it for me maybe and if so, how does that work where do i submit it? Thank you!!
  11. Na11

    Floating Objects (gif)

    I've been trying to get this effect for a while, but with no luck (I can create text/motion gifs and such but I have no idea how to get things to float.) If you can see the image, the hearts are floating. How do I achieve this? Thanks in Advance!
  12. W

    new member

    hi everyone, i am new on here, i use photoshop a bit but not loads, dont use it for photos really just for printing designs and being a bit creative touching old things up etc. i am having a print issue and will discuss it in another thread looks like a great forum :)
  13. Tiffer73

    Made the jump from 5.5 to CC!!

    I've used Photoshop for many years until about 5 years ago when I dropped out of it for a while. Now I'm back and I've upgraded to CC! Some things are different but getting used to it! Thanks!
  14. inkpad.t

    moving over to Affinity

    I've been playing around with Affinity Photo & Affinity Design for a while , I've found it dos most things i need as Photoshop dos, So I'm going to move over to it, one of the main reasons is you can buy it, no subscription, And can do some things better than Photoshop, I admit it takes a little...
  15. O

    Help needed for my art project

    I need to get the background removed from one of these two pictures, so only kanye and the floating stage are left ((need it for my art project, going to take him out of context and replace him as a lamp lol)). I tried many different things but the picture is too complex for me, but i'm not a...
  16. L

    Illustrator Very Stuck on where is or does the Elipical marquee tool exist in Illustrator cs6

    Hello ; I am only a newbie on photo shop when I changed to Illustrator 6 what i am trying to do is find and use the simple Photoshop elliptical marquee tool to draw round faces and things and copy and paste onto other pictures and things and am finding i can not for the life of me find it...
  17. kkklmpk1066

    hi x

    hi am kirsty teaching my self how to use photoshop and excited about learning new things x
  18. M


    Hi all, I'm Mark a 45 year old from Liverpool. Been taking photo's for about 12 years. Mainly into Military Aviation, but also shoot Landscapes, ships and Cityscapes amongst other things. Just signed up for PS CC and i'm loving it!!
  19. D

    Greetings all

    Hiya Denz from sunny South Africa. Communications Officer by trade. Relatively new to Photoshop, trying to pick up things between deadlines.
  20. hawkeye

    Free Photoshop Work

    It's become obvious that this site is composed primarily of people who see no value in their own time and skills and therfore is has devolved into the "come to place" for all things free. If you don't value your own skills, certainly no one else ever will. I believe my time here has come to an...