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  1. JFury

    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys, just wanna say HI! I hope I'll become a better "artist" by following some tips/advices and learning the coolest things about PS. Well that's not much, but hey, who cares right? Peace! :wave:
  2. iDad

    boredom does strange things!

    :mrgreen: image deleted (I dont want to give magoo a headache)
  3. Paul

    My two favourite things - besides family of course.

    I made this just for fun, i wonder whos who on the photo here?:)
  4. Sierraccr

    Sometimes things DO go right

    After having my previous company go out from under me, after spending three months on unemployment, and after taking my savings right to the brink of extinction........ I started a new job today. :thumbsup: One in my I really wanted...and one that actually pays a decent wage...
  5. W

    QuickSelect/RefineEdge tool making things transparent

    So when I use the quick select tool and I get every thing and then press refine edge and use the bush to cover over the missed spots so it adds the missed spot to the photo. well every time I use it to get missed spots it comes out like this I see people on YouTube do it fine with out any...
  6. L

    How do you make things like dollars or coupons fly in PS?

    Hello guys, Does any of you know how to make that effect of many dollars flying in all directions? How can I achieve that? I want to do it with coupons. Thanks. Regards,Marian
  7. iDad

    Things you might not know in Photoshop

    Be my guest add things that you think are unusual to use I just realized this by accident :mrgreen: (and to think I've been changing them in preferences all this time........:banghead: Did you know you can right click the work space rulers area and change the settings to whatever you need...
  8. A

    Love Love LOVE Photoshop and all things design

    I am so happy to be joining this forum. I just love self learning and speaking to people who share a passion for photoshop and other design software. I am here to figure out new techniques that will enhance my work. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  9. SeniorS

    Things i like to see in CS6

    Starting a new offtopic thread again (just seems for that moment that it could be fun). So. Adjustable brush to which i can set to every filter or adjusment with my parametrs. And be able to work with it as with normal brush - give opacity and radius. For example, brush hardness 30% with...