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  1. I

    Hello from Africa

    Hello, I am Ibrahim from Algeria, i love photography, but i am a beginner in it, i own Nikon D5200 and 2 lenses 18-55mm and 35mm, also i own Photoshop lightroom 5. Hope to learn useful things in the photoshopgurus forum, also i hope to make some good friends. good luck for all
  2. P

    How do I make heart text images?

    Hi guys, I Know you can write text in customer shapes and through altering text spacing you can get some pretty cool heart's (and other shapes) - but I've seen some that look different and I'm wondering how they are possible? Things like: Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  3. thelastlokean

    Where to talk about hardware?

    My true passion in life is electronic hardware, go figure I am an electrical engineer... I looked through the forum index and didn't find/notice a place to talk about photoshop and digital imaging related hardware... Things like digitizer tablets, printers, printer dongles, drivers...
  4. Z


    Hello everyone! My name's Vicky and I'm new to Photoshop! I kinda need help with a few things and I hope I'll be able to improve myself on here :)
  5. J

    Hey guys!

    I'm Jacob. I'm from South Carolina. I'm a self taught photographer/designer that is trying to learn new things about Photoshop. Looking forward to gaining what knowledge I can from you folks!
  6. P

    What's the pre-composition equivalent in photoshop?

    In after effects you can place things inside compositions then maneuver within these compositions when you need to and change things and it'll reflect in your main composition. What is the photoshop equivalent? Basically what I'm trying to do is apply effects with an adjustment layer and have it...
  7. B

    Restoring clothing in old photo

    I am a novice at restoring photos, but I've tried with my limited skills to bring some old family photos back to life. This is the scan that I was given by a distant cousin of an old photo. This is what I've been able to make of it. I don't know what to do next. The man's suit looks...
  8. B


    Hello! I have always enjoyed photography but am a novice when it comes to editing. Hoping to learn some things!
  9. Camilla

    Greetings from Sweden (along with some smoke signals ie cry for help) :D

    Hi Everyone! About 9 years ago I did 2 Photoshop courses by correspondance and have unfortunately forgotton several things.... not to mention that Photoshop has since greatly advanced since then. But in saying so, I have still managed to create some logos for a few individual organisations and...
  10. Z

    Which Version Do I Need?

    Hello all, I have messed around with the full version of Photoshop afew years back and I was overwhelmed with all the features.I'm trying to update my website and add a fewbanners and other pictures that i need to create. Attached are a few examples of things I need to be able tocreate...
  11. Cleynhens Kenney

    Newbie @ photoshop. In need of your critical professional eyes ;)

    Aight, I picked up my photo shop hobby after a long break. And started with something related to my real life experience. Now while using photoshop is a good way for me to express feelings, I also like to create images that I can keep as a memory. This aside I would still like comments on...
  12. N

    Pen and Ink Drawings

    Happy New Year to all! I'll be returning to my volunteer position at our local botanical gardens and am in need of some coaching once again. One of the problems I keep encountering is in trying to even out the tones when I'm scanning and working on the old black and white sketches. I am...
  13. K

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings from México. Yet another PS newbie here. I would like to take a course to really get the feel of everything from the ground up but since money is tight, it may not happen very soon. Therefore i hope i can learn many things in this community, absorb as much knowledge as possible. I've...
  14. M

    Hello! New guy from East of England

    Hello, I wanted to find a forum where I could ask for advice on how to do certain things in photoshop and I believe this is the place! : )
  15. R

    Is being expert in photoshop a god gift same as singer and dancer?

    Hi, I try things but i never feel that i made for these things for example i played hockey for 2 years i practice very hard seriously but i never feel i am the one who will become pro and now i am doing IM and i start doing some coding in CSS and HTML it has been 2 year and i feel i can never...
  16. S

    Countdown to Christmas - social media image

    I have been doing a short photoshop course to brush up on my skills. I am working on some social media images for an online radio station I have. I just don't think it quite looks right, and wondered if anyone wanted a play and to teach me a few new things that might improve the image. Would...
  17. I

    Newbie with a passion for fashion :)

    Hello all I have very little experience with Photoshop but I always admired people who achieved amazing effects with this tool. I'm interested in fashion photography, which is full of effects. So that's why I'm trying to learn a few things here. Hope to enjoy this journey. All the best, David
  18. S

    Hello! :)

    Hi, My name is Ste, I have been using Photoshop on and off for a number of years. I am 8 weeks into a 10 week Photoshop evening course, which has taught me lots of things I didn't know, especially about photo manipulation. Most things I try to create in Photoshop are for social media as I own...
  19. S

    love photoshop but.....

    Hi Everyone, I'm here to ask some advice about general things!! I'm mainly self taught at Photoshop but I can't fathom how to do many things I need to do many which I'm sure you;ll think are very simple!! Maybe in time I'll even be able to offer a few beginners some advice too!!
  20. gautamz07

    Created my own repeated pattern

    Well got some inspiration from here : and than started making my own . below is the pattern : and heres how this 200*200 pattern repeats on a document that sized at 1200*1200 :) maybe there are more complex...