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Illustrator Very Stuck on where is or does the Elipical marquee tool exist in Illustrator cs6


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Hello ;
I am only a newbie on photo shop when I changed to Illustrator 6 what i am trying to do is find and use the simple Photoshop elliptical marquee tool to draw round faces and things and copy and paste onto other pictures and things and am finding i can not for the life of me find it anywhere only ' Elipise and rectangle tool which basically just draw circles and deletes whatever is in it as a draw tool.

((Also i can not find the ' Layer menu that used to allow you to use the drop down menu of up top so you can go Layer/ new layer / Adjustment to follow the directions that were working for me in the older other Photoshop i was learning on .

I seem to have lost the ' soft brushed and choices that used to be in the arrow drop down up the top and there is no IMAGE menu up the top . i can't see the Icon like the side of hand that held the burn and dodge tool in it
and thee pointing hand icon to use for smudge.))

I have been googling for about hour or so and i keep finding pictures of the Photoshop that has the elliptical tool choice and no matter where i look on info it is in Photoshop rather than illustrator to mention this ' marching ants elliptical marquee tool and i honestly can not find them anywhere ... to do the first step to do what I was learning and did about 10 times when i was just learning before now i have come back to it i can't follow the first 2 things.. so it was hard to start with but lol i know sounds silly to users here but I honestly feel like i am going mad trying to find where these are in illustrator and i as i can't find the other menus i know i have problems already to find them in the next 5 steps to do what i was doing to practice... and again i am not having much luck with 'Illustrator' you tubes or articles they have the Photoshop image interface that i was trying to DIY learn with and was working ok but can someone tell me does the elliptical marching ants tool exist in illustrator please? or has it been done away with .. ?

and if any other the other things like layer adjustment and the brushes i can see but seems only to be hard ones and such not the round soft or choice up top i find when i go to window menu and tick BRUSHES.. if any help i would appreciate it very very much .. mostly if the first exists or not as i feel like i am going in more circles that i have drawn looking for these tools in illustrator.

Thank you for reading new post i could not find answer in google or other forums or the you tube the only one that dealt with this was not the marching ants tool and not copy paste to other photo or page so any help appreciated as i could be looking for something that no longer exists in this version of cs6 illustrator .. thank you again for reading

Lost :) ;)

so i am wondering as I can't find them and I thought i was getting somewhere i feel very lost now after just starting to grasp it.. thank you gurus for advice on these tools or the non existence or such of them.
Illustrator (as I am sure you realise) fundemantaly works in a different way.

You can create shapes using the shape tool (which gives you ellipses etc) and it creates vector shapes. By default these shapes have a colour and a line width / style. You can turn off the fill and / or the "stroke" on the line. This would effectively give you a shape without any properties (in Illustrator it displays these shapes as a blue outline rather than with marching ants).

I think you need to follow some basic shape drawing tutorials for Illustrator - but follow them all the way through as often the turning on / off of these elements wont appear in a tutorial until a bit later.

I typed "how to make shapes in adobe illustrator" into google and got the following which includes some good basic tutorials. https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sour...F-8#q=how+to+make+shapes+in+adobe+illustrator

Best of luck


Thank you so much for your reply I know these are basics and in PS i woudl not have asked as so much information is in google if you type in tool names or just read the ' dummies page' i just have not had much luck with illustrator but i am understanding what you are aying and have looked at this now i did NOT know there are no marching ants in illustrator .. and i was happy to continue ono with PS and the step by step how to for begginers til this was taken away for illustraor instead.. thak you so much for your reply i will indeed to as you suggested i felt like i was going in circles or i would never have posted such basic questions did noe ever youtube look so different and such but thank you i have understaood and tried this now and will read as you said .. and i wish to thank you for taking the time to answer a newbie post and what must seem like the Very basic one should know in illustrator by 2am i was out of luck finding things and the reading did not have icon pics that is how lost i felt i needed pictures lol sounds ridiculous but than you again for taking the time to help a very green person to this ..

havea great new year kind of you to help i am off to do as you suggested now with reading ftom start with keyword you were saying and such now i have realized i am barking up the wrong tree :) smiles thanks again ..

You were absolutely right to ask these basic questions if that is what you need. I am sorry if my answer came across a bit abrupt - it wasn't meant to, please keep asking questions. I can guarantee you that for every question you ask there is someone out there also wanting to know the answer - so please keep asking.

My point about saying watch the tutorials all the way through is that some of your questions are just 1 step up from total beginner questions and as such are often answered partway through a tutorial. For example - tutorials about shape creation (which was the basis of your question) will start off with the absolute basics and wont cover things such as fill colour and line weight until partway through. In this situation it would be easy to think what you want to do isn't possible (but it is).

Keep on asking :)