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MrToM is not amused.


Finally got round to reflowing this board and although it all looked ok it didn't make any difference.

Tested the board against my identical 'good' one, just some voltages to see what's what and there is a discrepancy...15v instead 12v on some of the rails.

Its not common to have a higher voltage than required but it would explain why the disk spins up, is recognised by the system and then it shuts down again....overvoltage protection is kicking in and shutting it down before anything gets damaged....which is a good thing in an odd sort of way.

I've no idea what is causing it, and no way, with the kit I have, of diagnosing it any further and as it seems that it really IS the PCB at fault AND they are available to buy relatively cheaply I think I'll just order a new one and hopefully be done with it.

Of course curiosity got the better of me so I also tried the 'good' board in the failed drive just to see what would happen.

Sure enough the drive spins up, is recognised by the system and then up pops the window telling me the drive needs to be formatted before it can be used.....BINGO...it IS the board that's faulty!

I had the 'format' message because it recognised that the 'bios' was wrong for that drive, so a swap will be needed if and when a new board turns up....no problem.

I left the drive connected for some time and it just sat there happy as Larry, no buzzing, clicking, whining, squeeling, burping or farting so I'm now more than convinced its a new board that's required.

So.....fingers crossed.