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Multiple Clipping Paths on same layer

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It seems that it not able to make several paths on a single layer and then turn each path into it's own "clipping path " rather than just an outline path...Is this correct or am I doing something wrong ? I have 3 pieces of silverware on a background and want to outline each one separately then turn that path into a clipping path to move it to another file...I am able to make any one of them a clipping path , but not the others.

Thanks !
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no only 1 clipping mask per layer however you can also have multiple clipping masks for the same layer but 1 clipping mask effects the whole layer unless you apply a layer mask but that can get complicated. However you can make your selection click new layer and then tell photoshop to create work path and fill/ stroke the path for each path on a new layer you can then just apply a clipping mask to each layer then.
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