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  1. M

    Make multiple exposure stacked image on computer?

    Is it possible to create an image from a selection of stacked superimposed jpegs or raw files on computer as you would in camera? I occasionally use the multiple exposure and ICM options simultaneously on camera but need to try with a selection of saved images to achieve same if possible in...
  2. Clippingworld

    Background removal

  3. D

    Live Copying A Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD?

    Question: I need to live-Copy a Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD. For example take a look at the sample image (attachment): The same caption forms the background. My target is to change all of it by editing the master layer.., (and all salve layers with their own formatting will...
  4. J

    multiple gradient tool on a layer mask

    Hi, Is there a way to apply multiple gradients using gradient tool to a single adjustment layer mask? It can be just one type, let's say black,white. Thank's in advance.
  5. kerby

    Spoiler tags / challenges

    I'd just like to ask if the code can be added to the bbcode list, or if there is an alternative I could use? I'd argue that it's useful, especially when posting multiple large images in one reply. It takes a long time to browse threads with multiple replies like this, and could be shortened...
  6. G

    Duplicate layer multiple times at once?

    There must be a way to duplicate an item multiple times at once, right? That seems like a pretty basic thing. But as far as I've been able to tell, if I want 20 copies of a layer in a document, I have to individually do the "Duplicate Layer" task 20 times. Oy.
  7. W

    How to use a layer mask on multiple layers

    I have an image, to which I have applied several adjustment layers, but there is an area of the image I want to exclude from these layers. I know how to edit the layer mask for each adjustment layer, but is there an easy way to apply the same mask to all the adjustment layers? Using Photoshop...
  8. ugur

    Filter and Blent Modes Work

    Multiple filters and blend modes used to achive something nice looking. What do you think about? Stock:
  9. M

    Multiple photos blending - how

    How do I make a composition of multiple photos so that the edges are not visible and it seems like it is one photo, like in the photo attached
  10. Y

    How to make gifs layered on top in one gif?

    I want to make gifs like these... How do I get them layered onto one like that?
  11. S

    Changing multiple images height and width at once?

    Can I change Width and Height settings on Multiple images at once if the changes are the same across all images?
  12. M

    Multiple face effect

    Hello photoshop gurus.. A new challenge for me!!! From my previous topic, I think I know a bit of how I can achieve this...but still need to need help with the hazy effects!
  13. A

    Actions Actions needed to resize to thee different sizes

    Hi all, We are into publishing and each month there are a lot of new magazine releases. Which we have to update in the website accordingly. My colleague was inquiring if we can create an action to crop the magazine covers in required sizes. The problem is, we need three different outputs. One...
  14. P

    Multiple Guide Sets for Photoshop CS5 or better.

    I was asked on the Adobe forum if it was possible to have multiple Guide Sets, and I came up with this script. This script will only work in Photoshop CS5 or better! This script will allow you save multiple guide sets. You can add or remove quide sets. Guide sets can be appended to existing...
  15. J

    multiple windows

    Tell me again how to keep multiple photos open in Photoshop. For example, if wanting to copy something from one photo and paste into another one. Thanks. I am used to an old version, and the new one is a lot different.
  16. E

    Getting multiple images into one document.

    Hi all, Let me introduce myself, my name's Adam and I'm getting into studio photography and looking to do something more interesting with my images. I'm looking to produce multiple images on a single print for my customers and as I'm fairly new to photoshop I'm not sure how to do it. I'm...
  17. S

    Multiple Clipping Paths on same layer

    It seems that it not able to make several paths on a single layer and then turn each path into it's own "clipping path " rather than just an outline path...Is this correct or am I doing something wrong ? I have 3 pieces of silverware on a background and want to outline each one separately then...
  18. C

    THIS CURRENTLY POSSIBLE?? - Displaying multiple psd inside editor??

    Not sure how well I can explain this. This is an idea that I would THINK photoshop would have but perhaps I am not aware and have been doing this the HARD way?? * Let's say I am creating a website template which usually consists of a HEADER, FOOTER, (perhaps a LEFT, RIGHT) and a CONTENT...
  19. L

    Resizing multiple layers at once

    Hello, I need help with what seems to be simple task: I have a document that has about 10 layers in it. One of them is a cross, that has precisely 1px thick lines. When I select all 10 layers that I want to resize, and do so, this cross gets blurred, disfigured. I dont exactly need it to stay...
  20. V

    How can I copy multiple images into one, maintaining size (sprites sheet)

    Hi. I'm trying to make an image with all the sprites for an animation of a character in a game. The problem is that I have each frame of the animation in separate png images of 512x512 pixels. In the middle of each of the images is the character, and the rest of the canvas is transparent. I...