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  1. D

    Merge multiple images

    For my work, I use a microscope that scans a slide to take an image. It takes around 20 photos and creates a single image, but each one is still clearly visible as an individual image within the overall one, due to shadowing etc. and imperfect alignment of the images. Is there a way to correct...
  2. P

    Multiple Layers & Multiple File Name saving headache - HELP

    Hi All i've just joined so i hope im in the right place for guidance? ok here is the problem..... Doing a ecommerce website, the client has sent through over 100 logo's that need to accompany the products. The logs sent are in all different sizes....but they are all named correctly. I know...
  3. J

    Freelance work needed: Multiple areas

    Hello all, I'm a student at a large university who is head of a web design entrepreneurship club. All our projects are for profit and while we are young, we hope to see a lot of great work generated by the group. We're working on a project on the side, and right now we need help with our...
  4. SeniorS

    FileOpen filtring multiple filetypes at once?

    Hello! I start to playing with scripting a little and already stuck in 2 questions. I want to make script for Indesign (i know that section is for PS but i think there is lots common) which place images one per page. (i googled a little on those question but didn't find normal answer) 1...
  5. P

    How to save a set of actions to use on multiple other images

    I have learned how to create a style of image using a photoshop tutorial. To prevent me from having to continuously follow those steps for each pic can i not just apply the settings to other pictures as a saved action set? I am brand new to photoshop so apologies if this is very basic...
  6. D

    Drop shadow changes on multiple layers...?

    Hi All, I have two layers, an object on each layer. I'm trying to apply a different drop shadow to each object - but when I change one, the change is applied to both objects, even though they are on different layers... What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
  7. K

    Scanning multiple photos

    I recently learned of what sounded like a wonderful Elements feature: Scan as many photos as you can fit on your scanner bed and Elements will divide the scan into individual photos. The key was to use the "Divide Scanned Photos" command on the Image menu. Sounds great, but that command is...
  8. D

    How to place text inside and across multiple shapes

    Hello, I could use a little assistance on a project where text needs to be spread across different shapes. I understand how to fit text inside a shape like a circle, heart, diamond, etc. but what I need to do is spread a few paragraphs of text across several different shapes, lined up roughly in...
  9. M

    Aligning Multiple Photos Help

    New to Photoshop Elements and am trying to figure out how I can align several photos of the same image that were shot without a tripod. Curious if there is something like an alignment pin or something that I can place on a specific series of points on each photo and then the program will align...
  10. A

    Duplicating a layer mask across multiple layers

    I have imported a video as layers into Photoshop and there are now 25 layers. I want to mask an area in all but one of the layers to make an animated GIF. I create the layer mask on Layer 2 and I've have found I can copy the same mask to another layer by clicking and dragging it there whilst...
  11. J

    Batch importing layer into multiple files?

    I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to get an image to be the background on 30 odd seperate images. I keep getting things like "place" command not available when I use the batch. I can do everthing manually but as soon as its automated it fails... Can anybody help? I'm...
  12. S

    auto select multiple images

    Hello, can any tell me if there is any way to auto select muliple images from one file? I have an image file that i scanned which has about 20 different stamps on it. I want to take each individual stamp and put them into there own layers so i can save them as separate images. Is it possible to...
  13. K

    Montage creation from seven pictures - no rush - $$?

    I need to have seven pictures of one person put together into one picture (see my poor example as a guide). Each of the images will need perspective correction before being put into the montage and the joins between pictures need to be not obvious. The coat / dress can overlap another picture...
  14. C

    loading multiple plug ins

    I have two photoshop plug ins that I am trying to load into my photoshop. I load one but when I try to load the second one the first one is replaced. How can I load both plug ins into filters? I am using CS5