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Need help to draw 3d cubes


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Hey there.

I am working on something, for that I need 3d cubes.
I found these pics online,


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.59.02 AM.png

I want to make something like this

Can anyone help me with this.

I am using photoshop cs5 :p
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...I am using photoshop cs5...
If you are using CS5 Extended then a 'Cube' is a 3D preset object so you can use that.

If not, construct one from a series of shapes or filled rectangles and transform them to whatever perspective you need.....then merge the layers into one 'Cube' pixel layer.

Using the 3D option gives you greater flexibilty but if you don't have it or have never used 3D before then the other option would be much easier to do if not as flexible.

No 3D option. :(

Its not cs5 extended.
I am unable to give it a 3d look, can you give me any sample or something? any video or psd file