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Need Help with Exporting a Vector


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So I have near to Zero experience with Adobe Illustrator. But the only thing I know to do is Convert a Raster to a Vector using the "Image Trace" option.

So now, I had this Jpeg. I have converted it to a vector. But I don't know what to export it as. What file format should I export it as, so that people can view it in their Gallery? When I saved it as a EPS format, it opened up in AI. When I saved it as a SVG, it opens up in my browser.

So what do I save it as? And also, if y'all can explain what each format is in simple terms.

Thank you!

Edit: Also, why is the main document size so small as compared to the Image that I imported? How do I make it the size of the image?
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Gallery will not display vectors. If you want others to view it as a vector, you can save it as a PDF.

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So like a Photoshop edit, when sending it to someone to view, you send it as a Jpeg or a PNG and when sending it so that it is editable, you send it as a PSD.

What would be its equivalent for an Illustrator edit?


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Oh alright, thank you. And also, just a general question.

Usually when giving a print company a logo to print maybe on a T shirt or a poster, what file do people send them? The PDF or the AI file?