passport photo background

i'm trying to get rid of the background in a photo (intended for passport) and turn it into perfectly white. Here is how i'm trying to do it:
select the body outline with the 'Quick Selection Tool' or the 'Pen Tool' and then delete the background. as you can guess the selection is not perfect, some small areas of hair are cut and left out of the selection. i guess it could be recovered by having 2 layers, one with the selected body and the white background and the other with the original background. but is there a tool that would make it possible to merge the 2 layers in the areas that are cut so the head looks complete and still have a white background? sorry for the bad description but i don't use photoshop that much.
actually i've seen this procedure done by a guy in a studio photography, but i don't remember exactly how he did it. can any one explain me how to do it?
if anyone has any other suggestion about how i could achieve this result, please welcome, at the end i just want a passport photo with a white background.



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The success rate depends on 5 major things;

1. resolution (read "size") of the photo
2. quality of the photo (blurry photos and jpeg artifacts for example makes things a lot harder)
3. background
4. hair style
5. experience of the user

Needless to say that I can't make any suggestion right now, since I don't know the answer to any of these.
How to remove or change the background of a photo

It is quite simple technique, first you crop the photo to your required size, Keep it in a layer, zoom it to look big with zoom tool, and make a selection with pen tool, keep the selection to 1 mm inner of the photo not to the end, after completely selecting the photo press cntrl shift i, to reverse selection and alt cntrl D to mark the feather say 3 or 6 then delete it now you can see the background is deleted with a good looking feather use the color on your background layer and merge it. it is finished....