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Photoshop request (simple 2 min job)


Please change the text on this banner (it's a template)


Top Word: Deazy
Bottom Word: TV

thanks so much. Devo :D
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Lol thanks. Sorry I'm asking for too much. And yeah not really a 2 min job lol. Also could you please make the text a bit bigger like the original one. Like thick text. Also That's Littttt means bassicly that's Awesome or really cool. :)
Yes But please put Deazy. And please make the text a little more thicker. And if you can make the Deazy Take up most of it and then the Tv big in small at the bottom. Like the Deazy Can take up 2/3 and the TV can take up 1/3. Thanks so much. :D last reply. I'll then get stop bugging you haha