1. E

    help with Labor Day photo!

    can someone please edit out the pool lounge chairs to the right of this pic near the bottom? THANKS! :)
  2. J

    help me remove the reflection names at bottom

    help me remove the text hi i need some1 to help me to remove these text circled in red from the pics thanks in advance
  3. F

    Photoshop this image to remove the crumbs at the bottom left of the bowl?

    Hey all, As the title says, could someone please photoshop this image to remove the crumbs on the table to the bottom left of the bowl. Thanks! Felix
  4. G

    Corner fill stadium

    Hi was wondering if someone could fill corners. Just the bottom tiers and have big screens above in corners. Also wouldn't mind seeing two tier to two tier joined and bottom of one tier to bottom of two tier joined with big screen above. Many thanks
  5. S

    Illustrator Printing in the bottom left in Illustrator

    I'm using a machine that prints onto a roll of vinyl, and what we usually do here is print in the bottom left corner (in Corel Draw) via the print settings. Is it possible to define "bottom left corner" as the "print from" area in Illustrator, as it is in Corel Draw? I bloody hate Corel Draw...
  6. D

    Help me remove some reflections!

    Hi there, I have a small photoshop job that I'm not skilled enough to do on my own :neutral::neutral: It may be a slightly strange request but it's an important part of a larger project. I was wondering whether it was possible to remove the glare/reflection/shine from these cans? It is...
  7. D

    Photoshop request (simple 2 min job)

    Please change the text on this banner (it's a template) To Top Word: Deazy Bottom Word: TV thanks so much. Devo :D
  8. M

    Text Effect - How To Duplicate

    Hello all, I'm trying to duplicate the text effect seen in the sample below. The layout of the text "SURFING" is what I'm focusing on and I'm trying to use the text "mobilePRO" in its place. I've tried a number of different fonts to get the think block style seen in the example, but i'm hitting...
  9. J

    Care to reasemble?

    Anyone care to reassemble this picture? I can't quite get it done in paint. The bottom part ripped abd is glued to broken glass.
  10. O

    Baselining Images

    Hi, this is a question for PS Super Experts (I would think so). So here is a situation. I need a script to baseline* images. I have roughly 40k+ images that need to be baselined and doing this manually would take ages. So I need a script that would do this automatic. Let's say I have image...
  11. B

    Blending images/creating a montage

    Hi, I would like to make a picture to the similar one below: I would like to make a similar one, but have certain people in certain positions Hennessey (Top Left) Scott Dann...
  12. pslane

    Illustrator need a perspective editing tool

    Good Saturday to you. I am making a ribbon trailing from a bow and the tool I need is a perspective tool to get the top corners to draw inward, leaving the bottom as is. I can't seem to find the tool for that. Can you help? Thanks, pslane
  13. pslane

    Illustrator new to illustrator- need help

    Hello, I am going to try and learn to use illustrator. I am doing a tut and I'm not familiar with the mesh grid or the pick tool. But.....I did get the color in the Second Step, but it's covering the top instead of the...
  14. R

    Can the tools panel be docked on the bottom rather than the left?

    I thought that I have seen the tools panel docked on the bottom. If that is possible, how is it done? I tried searching for this question, but to no avail. Todd
  15. C

    Want to create a heading for a video and create bullet points

    Want to have a small heading at the bottom of the screen that includes: 1.Two hexagons next to each other in the bottom left 2.A Line across the bottom of the screen 3.A Heading built into the centre of the line acrosss the bottom of the screen Also In one section id like to create a bullet...
  16. P

    mouse deselecting problem

    All of a sudden I cant deselect by clicking the left mouse button like I used to.
  17. S

    Batch Automation Batch action issues

    Hey guys, New to the forum, had no idea where to turn lol. Basic problem - my actions in batch are only applying to every other photo. It's a basic action: 1. Open new doc 2. Select rectangle bottom of image 3. Fill 4. Select top of image. 5. Fill 6. Open new doc 7. Copy paste logo 8...
  18. A

    Need help designing a stem and leaves

    Hi All, I need some help with completing my logo I have managed to find tutorial to design most of the elements apart from one, a stem and leaves So need to design horizontal beautiful looking stem with leaves at the bottom of my design imagine this: Please some help would be really...
  19. L

    Image Canvas Wrap Around

    Hi, Is there any way to wrap an image off the top of a canvas to the bottom? In other words, if I use the Move Tool to start pushing an element off the top of my canvas, is there any way to have the missing part at the top of the canvas start showing up at the bottom? I would also want to use...
  20. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Question on manipulating shapes

    I'm trying to create a V shape in Illustrator, using two rectangles. I want to know if there's a way to drag the outside corner anchor points of each shape down until they meet at the bottom, where the red arrows are drawn, while keeping them in line with the outside line of the rectangle...