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[Request] LOGO - Computer Company - $$

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Hi all,

First may I say what a fantastic community you have here. I have spent the past 3 hours looking over the brilliant work members have done over the year.

I am looking for someone to design a LOGO for the company I have recently setup.
The name of the company: Bluescope Technologies.
I would like something clever but simplistic as this will not only be on the website but on the back of vehicles also. The words Bluescope Technologies will be part of the logo, preferably horizontal text.
The word Bluescope should be dominant over the word Technologies.
Briefly, the company deals with Computer network infrastructure (installation and maintenance of Ethernet cables and Servers), general maintenance of PC's and support, website development and soon to be CCTV camera installations (don't emphasize the use of cameras in the logo as it is an ongoing development).

I terms of simplistic-ness, I have attached an image I found from google which I love. The spotlight, to me, shows "looking forward and also never leaving your clients out of the light". If you could incorporate something like that into the design. But remember, as much as I love abstract splashes of art, it has to be simplistic and legible. Transparent background. Not sure on the colour, most likely blue. Professional.

I am open to any creative ideas you may have and I appreciate the work you do here. My timeline is flexible, say 3 weeks.

The budget for this design is $50.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions just ask (think I summarized everything in the essay I wrote!). :lol:

Thank you.

GOOGLE Sample:
First off, thanks for coming to PSG and posting this opportunity. I will come up with some concepts for you to look over within the next few days.
-Spruce Love the emphasis on BLUESCOPE and the symmetry of the words below. Not sure if I want the company to be related with an actual scope though. Though the idea of incorporating a word or a letter into a scope like image or spotlight would be worth a look into.

-Maximus Never thought about using the entire word as a beam of light, love the creativity! Bit too much emphasis on Technologies though.

I'm not sure how this works but I will be reviewing the submissions over the next week. Don't go to too much trouble to create a sample. Just a quick draft will suffice. Be as creative as you like.

Thank you
Maximus your posts have been deleted.
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Please read the rules.
I guess, I'm in now...I'll be posting my work if I'm done..hehe..been out here for a while, so many projects at school :p
I'll give this a go, give me a day or so to put some time a side to splash out some ideas, I'll post up on here :)
-Josh That was the first idea that came into my head also, using a rifle scope cross hair. But then it occurred to me that anything in a cross hair is targeted with bad intentions. Also with the capital S for Scope over a cross hair, makes it look slightly like a gaming FPS clan called Blue Scope. (Brilliant idea if I still had my counterstrike clan :cheesygrin: ). I do however love the P of Bluescope holding the Technologies back. Technology is constantly moving forward and by being connected to it, Bluescope moves forward too.

I apologize if I am harsh with anyone's design, I see a lot of competitors in this field of work with amazing clever logos. Keep in mind, I love the beam of light idea in the example above (first post).

This is CAT 6 cable, I deal with it every day. Maybe using it as a underline or wrapping for the logo would be nice?

Thanks again.

EXAMPLE: 200992281112903.jpg
I looked at this from a different angle after reading your further posts.

This is a basic design. Please give me your thoughts.


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Sorry, should have edited last post. Here's a v2 of my design.


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Updated version.

Please bear in mind that this is only a WIP. Just making sure we have all the right elements in place.


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    BS logo.png
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