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Your BEST EVER work

Yep, it's a very very good one. Have I seen this on the forum before? It's very moving. Makes me think of the roadside memorial shrines people here sometimes make when their loved ones are killed in vehicular accidents. Only yours, though it may just be my take and not intentional, has the distinct feeling of a battlefield. How about posting a higher res image so we can see it enlarged?

@ chris. That's funny. My second img is just a large version of one of my avatars. It's me in my black hat. I'm glad you like the studio.
egosbar, nice work.

Chris, wow!

Clare, I really do like the dance studio image.

As for my own "best" work, I am reposting this one because I put more effort and time into this than any other piece. I had a blast creating this, and it is all my own creation, no stocks are used. I was very pleased with how this turned out, as it was a huge poster that I had professionally printed and framed for a friend. I have been told by many in and out of the Gears community that this is an emotional piece, and that was my clear intent. I also entered into a contest over on deviantART and the comments were all very supportive.


Crotale, this is a fantastic image! Very atmospheric and deeply moving.
Thanks for sharing.
this is a great thread , we should sticky this one and leave it always open because great images will be displayed here

what can i say great work , i love dance studio and even more so now its not an avatar and i can see the whole image ,

chris the more i look at your art the more i like it , its got so much going on and its awesome

crotale great work from scractch

and tom im looking forward too some raw photography

dam waiting on my new screen and photoshop is on my other computer so cant ps until tomorrow probably "im inspired"

My "Best Ever Work" is usually one of my newest jobs.

This is it. A birthday present to my brother-in-law's 65th birthday.
150x100cm printed on canvas.

If I look back at some of my "best work" it would probably hurt everyones eyes if I would post an image from 1994.

View attachment 34425
Click to enlarge image.

really cool , i never seen these kind of mind blowing ps work on psguru.
Crotale, this is a fantastic image! Very atmospheric and deeply moving.
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you, Chris. This was definitely a labor of love for me.

crotale great work from scractch

dam waiting on my new screen and photoshop is on my other computer so cant ps until tomorrow probably "im inspired"
I can't wait to see what you dream up.
Well, like my predecessors in this thread, I've tried to figure out how to get this down to just one image, but unlike them, I just can't. So, I thought of some semi-arbitrary rules for myself to winnow it down:

  • No pix from work - I can't show these anyway because I don't have rights or releases to use any pix I've taken there;
  • No weddings, no studio shots - Often these can be prescribed shots and even somewhat formulaic, so let's just exclude these two genres.
  • A considerable amount of Photoshopping was used, whether visible or not - This is PSG, not photo.net, and the OP requested this.
  • No B&W - A totally arbitrary decision, but this helped me improve the cut by at least a factor of 3x. Besides, IMHO, Photoshopping really shines on color images.
  • No images that I have ever posted before on PSG.
  • No abstracts, no composites - To contrast with the other uses of PS presented by others in this thread, I want to show its use in highly realistic imagery.

Anyway, here are 4 that I finally came up with. My guess is that few people will like the image of the two subway riders (eg, because of the technical deficiencies), but I love it in the context of street photography because it was only taken in the past year, yet harkens back to days of much poorer race relations.






Well, photography wise I guess there are a couple - photoshop wise I'm a bit to new to be that happy yet, anyway heres a couple of the photo ones.8866633514_d5da1484b5_c.jpg
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I was just testing as we have html disabled on the forum can you please re link your images using
tags with the direct image url inbetween. That way it will be displayed
WOW, yeah, sticky this thread. Great idea egosbar.

Tom. WOW! Thanks for the post of your work.

And Lumpsack, that is really nice. Post some more. Why stop at best ever. Too limiting IMHO!

I'm really glad this thread got started. Great stuff already and more to come, so keeping it open for existing and new members is the cat's meoooooooow.

I'm moving the thread to show pieces or whatever that forum is called . . .
If they are all photographs then shouldn't they be in the photography section?