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Your BEST EVER work

been a while since i posted work here , heres a shot i done at a wedding against the plain old brick wall , i knew i had to manipulate so i shot them with the cleanest backround i could find and replaced it in ps , i wasnt the prime shooter looking back and the images they recieved i wish i was , they were not very good but as i was a guest i shot a couple


  • jamie wedding 2014 framed web.jpg
    jamie wedding 2014 framed web.jpg
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I'm really in love with this logo.


  • evilsonic-records2.jpg
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  • evilsonic-records-logo-website-5.jpg
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tough choice then but ill post this one because i won a challenge my first and it was my first real work

id only been psing about a month or so i think

This is beautiful, however, I'm receiving two different messages. The background baby reminds me of a "service announcement," like for asbestos. But, the picture of the baby overlying the background makes me think of Gerber. Interesting....

I still keep coming back to this:
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considering I did it over a year ago while half asleep and I wasn't actually sure what I was doing to start with, I still think it's pretty cool ;)

I'm going to try and adapt it into a 3ds piece at some point. I love doing observational 3d work.

I've got other pieces that are perhaps better, but I still like this one, it's a lot more expressive, i was almost forcing the others.

Thunder, thunder, ThunderCats!!! HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, did you by chance write a tutorial for this?? This is amazing!!!!
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