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Your BEST EVER work

Thanks very much, although at least as much credit goes to the lens of the first shot, it seems everything of that thing is magic... plus a little bit of lightroom too :)

Inkz as always loving your work, one day I'll be doing stuff like that... well it is late and I can dream!
Yes Inkz. I remember this one. I didn't remember that it was your first manipulation. WTG. Firsties, Besties?

And I do know the model well, having her in several variations, lol.
Even though i started this post and i haven't posted what would be my best ever work... Why... because when i look back at it... i think there all crap...not really worth posting something....

Sorry but just don't think there's anything i did worth shouting about... I don't usually ever give up on something i like doing.. but sometimes i have to sit back and look at some aspects of what i am doing or achieving overall, and is it worth it ?..what's the goal ?.. and if i get the goal what then ?..

The time spent at a PC in stead of with the family.. how it's interfering with both family and work..

So i have decided to step back.. time out... and maybe come back to Photoshop later.( in a couple of weeks maybe, or maybe never ).

Many Many Thanks to everyone who help me along the way...

Thank you.
Back in the str8jacket for you! Have you been taking your meds? getting those shock treatments? escaping your cell? starting fires? wallowing?

Maybe I'll just pick from your most recent works and copy/paste my pick! :rofl:

post it! and not one of those yellow stickies . . .

I'm sorry about your family needs, but you'll come back stronger than ever, I'm sure.
just to give the thread a bump, i dont do a lot of pictures in ps, mostly sig making, though im beginning to branch out.
i used a tutorial to follow this but it was altered to suit the purpose it was for.
it was a wallpaper for a forum i am a member of.
sevenforums wallie 2.png

also really pleased with this sig i made for a mate ,he requested lcars and so i found all sorts of bits from round the net including some lcars custom shapes
best bit was to work out how to add the animated gif and have it work.

final 2.gif
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im sure you wont stay away forever ink but family is important so it sounds like you need too step back possibly , everything in moderation mate (EVERYTHING)

heres another i was really pleased with


  • stealing time.jpg
    stealing time.jpg
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WOW just saw this thread...KNOCKOUT WORK GURUS!!!

A lot of different styles....Toms "Blues" blew me away!!

Here's a few from me.....



This would have to be my best thus far. I did post this once before in my introduction thread. But this was a contest for my Miami Dolphins fan forum to redesign the site's logo.

Here is the before (this is jersey wallpaper I made out of the bold logo):


And here is my redesign. This isn't the final version we went with, but is close. I wanted to keep the essence of the original logo and make it more, well, dolphin looking.

thanks clare , this site has really imspired me to learn as much about ps as i can , some very good artists visit these pages and i love looking at other artists work which is why i love the challenges , i was happy with the end result of challenge 12 after struggling for a few days too come up with an idea , anything i like i put in my sig portfolio hopefully i can continue to grow it with nice work and i think your right about probably adding a later image when i had learned more , i keep coming back too this one as my favorite to be honest because it was different to what i normally do so im changing my mind haha

Nice work! Love the part of face falling to pieces
I've been having a look around some work I have done since joining the forum... some my differ but i think this image is my best to date.

The Artist.jpg

The reason i chose this one is the amount of adjustments it took to get the overall look, all the bending that was required, and all time it took to do good cut outs so as to get i hope a good seamless image. But most of all the and main reason i chose this one was because of great satisfaction doing it and how well it turn out for a novice like myself.
I remember when you posted this! But I think it is very hard to choose the best. I think you have had a lot of really good ones since and even I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite from your work.
I still keep coming back to this:
considering I did it over a year ago while half asleep and I wasn't actually sure what I was doing to start with, I still think it's pretty cool ;)

I'm going to try and adapt it into a 3ds piece at some point. I love doing observational 3d work.

I've got other pieces that are perhaps better, but I still like this one, it's a lot more expressive, i was almost forcing the others.