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  1. CL3

    Abstract Model (Feedback & Advice)

    thanks for the feedback bro some good advice will be taken on board, i see what you mean about the saturation and that mose effects come from beneath the model will that into consideration on my next attempt. are upload some changes dont want to spend to much longer on this my biggest mistake is...
  2. CL3

    Abstract Model (Feedback & Advice)

    Hey guys just finished this little abstract piece my first real sort of attempt at anything like this. Just wondering if any one would of done anything different ? and what i could perhaps of improved on ?. I know with every piece of art people will have different opinion but i wanna get as...
  3. CL3

    My first photoshop projects

    Well done for a first attempt man 2nd image is my fave. Always good to see people getting into ps.
  4. CL3

    Wolverine & Silver Samurai Posters

    Thanks for the feedback bro. Im afraid not man its a an imagr from the film that I cut and edited with various filters pretty good the effects you can make within ps but one of my main goals is to learn digital painting and illustration although it can be pretty difficult ! anything can be...
  5. CL3

    Wolverine & Silver Samurai Posters

    A couple posters I designed inspired by the film "The wolverine" which I am a fan of. Any comments or constructive criticism welcome thanks.
  6. CL3

    Your photoshop boot up speed?

    2 seconds is pretty fast tbh ! Using a sony vaio laptop with an I3 processor and 4gb of ram had for a couple of years takes about 10-15 to boot up works like a dream after tho and has done its job just fine so far. Cant wait upgrade to next month tho !
  7. CL3

    Oriental bay

    Keep at it dude so much you can learn about the programme and an endless list on what you can do with your work !.
  8. CL3

    How are these text-wrapping effects created?

    Thanks for posting good tutorial something else to try !
  9. CL3

    Boombox & Vintage Radio Compositions

    Thanks alot sam !
  10. CL3

    Boombox & Vintage Radio Compositions

    Recent project I have been working on I am a huge fan of music along with the rest of the world. I used two images of music players from different era's the first a 80's/90's boombox and a vintage 60's radio. Any feedback more than welcome thanks guys.
  11. CL3

    Rat Logo

    The original design works best IMO. agree that the whiskers need to start from inside looks weird on the image without them. This thread to me just shows how everyone has different opinions on how a final image should look , and the different variations so use what you think is best ! On the...
  12. CL3

    How you doin'?

    welcome to the forum. whats the burning question ?.
  13. CL3

    First logo designs thoughts and advice needed.

    Hi Clare thanks for your feedback appreciate your time. on the first logo I had the original as the CL in the middle and the GD text where it was with no headphones I added the headphones to fill the gap at the bottom plus i wanted to add a small icon. The relevance of the headphones is for my...
  14. CL3

    First logo designs thoughts and advice needed.

    First go at designing so logos done some research about the whole design process and different types. I did not go over the top tried to keep things as simple as possible sometimes that is key. Any comments or thoughts welcome thanks .. and any mistakes you find .....please don't find any ...
  15. CL3

    How many hours per day do you practice?

    Try to at least get one hour a day ideally 2-3 and always try to learn something everyday still learning as much as I can so most of my work is tutorial based work in my own way. Bad habits ive picked are getting distracted by fb or Twitter (try to stay off them while im on the computer) or...