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Recent content by Josh Stemple

  1. Josh Stemple

    Looking for a logo design

    Re: Looking for Logo design I can help you out. Any colors you prefer? from me to you....
  2. Josh Stemple

    Need help with ideas

    Get a the oldest picture you can find and the newest from the same angle and put them side by side. from me to you....
  3. Josh Stemple

    Buying forum signature.

    sent you a pm.
  4. Josh Stemple

    Illustrator question

    we will see, gonna try that and see what this guy says. I appreciate it.
  5. Josh Stemple

    Illustrator question

    I just started learning Illustrator and I have a question. how do you take something designed in photoshop and make it usable in Illustrator. more specifically, Ive been designing jersey for about a month now and they told me yesterday they need Illustrator files. how do i make take my PSD...
  6. Josh Stemple

    Sub and full dye jersey

    Thanx I appreciate it. from me to you....
  7. Josh Stemple

    Sub and full dye jersey

    What file type is best for making jerseys and shirts? Im trying to make something of my skills and someone asked me to design some jerseys for them but doesnt know which file type is best. Can anyone help me with that? from me to you....
  8. Josh Stemple

    Recreating a company Logo

    The bowing text transform. If u are using PS, hit T for text then go to the top where it says transform. Not sure of the font right off hand. from me to you....
  9. Josh Stemple

    Recreating a company Logo

    If u are talking about the green, its probably just a sharp outer glow. Either that or its 2 layers with the letters being smaller in the top layer. from me to you....
  10. Josh Stemple

    Need help on a project

    Google pictures you want. Save them. Decide how big you want your poster and open a new project of that size in photoshop . Open your pictures and place them accordingly. Add some text and you are done. from me to you....
  11. Josh Stemple

    So after a day on photo shop........

    I would go bigger with the font with a darker blue and 50% opacity. from me to you....
  12. Josh Stemple

    How does he do it?

    My guess is he found a background and cut it. Other than that it looks like lines coming down with different opacities. from me to you....
  13. Josh Stemple

    Vector logos

    Does expression studio do the the same thing? from me to you....
  14. Josh Stemple

    Vector logos

    Can someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for doing vector logos and such in PS CS6? I need to up my game a bit. from me to you....
  15. Josh Stemple

    Post your personal Photograph here.

    This is me. from me to you....