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    obtaining only the outside lines of objects

    1. Open your image 2. copy original image to a new layer THE BEST WAY : 1. pen tool ( search PSG FORUM key word : PEN TOOL) make a selection >clicking on the paths and choose the doted circle) add layer mask ( on the bottom next to "f" icon) if you want click on the mask and press CTRL+J...
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    obtaining only the outside lines of objects

    Hmm.. in that case, I will have the sample for you in hour or so..
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    obtaining only the outside lines of objects

    Hi 7january Yes it is. To give you detail steps I would need to know how much you know Photoshop tools. BTW I love your name, I was born on seventh day in January!
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    Splitting image into a grid.

    Hi Wolfsoap, At , Dave Nagel had an action how to create selection. Search that site for " Daves Selections". Hope this is what you are looking for. :)
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    Hello! And colour replacement question.

    Thanks for the image. To use adjustment layer with solid color fill you would need to have background transparent. The publishing house should provide you with original logo eps.file. Still you can do this: Duplicate layer and turn off the original: Go to > Select> Color Range and with...
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    Hello! And colour replacement question.

    Depends on the logo itself, but if it simple color line image or font, there are few ways to do it, the one I like the most is adjustment layer> Solid color and grouped with layer below.
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    Congratulations Reg (Gaussian) on the redesign of PSG.

    Very nice Gauss, fresh! I like it. 8)) :} :}
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    book cover template / action

    Hi, First and most important is to follow the instructions from your publisher. They will provide you with template and spine calculation ( depends on how many pages your book is and how tick page paper is.) But if you would like to have all info before you chose publisher or printer house...
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    My first Art Exhibit

    Thanks for asking sPECtre. 8)) Yes, I have art exhibiton on now at womans club of Hollywood. To view the paintings, please go to NOTE: Paintings photographs are not excellent, I am waiting to get the paintings home and have a new shots. I got...
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    Creating a realistic Seascape.

    Those steps can be your guide to recreate in Photoshop, the way you would see it. Steps 1 Look at the ocean images and describe what you see. Are there any patterns? 2 On the paper, draw wavy lines across the page. 3 Repeat this process until you have wavy lines in layers all the way to the...
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    how to create action for photo frame?

    Hi Steve, Try to use procentage for image size.
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    My first Art Exhibit

    Thanks to you, I found this site and thought it is very cute as well. 8)) Yes, it can take you places. ;)
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    My first Art Exhibit

    Thanks Joy I am glad you like my style. The blue color choose me! [stuned] I tried to work with all colors but the final painting end up with the blue! Go figure! I am very confortable when paint with blue shades, it seames it is "my color". Done. ;) Thank you 8)), I am glad you enjoy my...
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    My first Art Exhibit

    Celebrating women aging out loud! How appropriate, and my paintings are displayed at art exhibit in San Francisco Pier 39 home for Menopause the Musical. To view higher resolution and more paintings please go to
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    Help - I''m new here!!!

    Thanks Joy, sure I will in few minutes. ;) I am sorry but that show is gone, it is Nomadic Museum, they are traveling around the world, and Mothers Day was a last day of the show in Los Angeles. DVD and books are available at But we can go to see...