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    Hey bud I lost the adress to your page! Would you be kind enough to post it for me? Thanks!
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    PHP Portals!

    Many sites are now switching to the PHP portal system, I am going to list some free ones that are easy to use and very easy to maintain. If you have any questions just Email them to me or post them. phpWebSite...
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    New Board look

    Gooooing thhhhhrough Wiiiiiiiithdrawlllsss!! Oh boy finally! going to get my fix now! Looks good Mark!
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    skull and face

    OK here is the skull I used.
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    skull and face

    OK quick and ugly OK did this one in about ten minutes, Is this the look you are going for? I just need to tweak some areas add a cyborg eye and more flesh and blood on the clear side of the skull. Like I said quick and ugly. Give me a few days and I will post a finished version.
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    skull and face

    I can be easily done using layers in Photoshop. One layer being the skul and the other layer being the 1/2 face and fiddle around with the opacity settings. I will do one real quick and post an example.
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    Need help with a certain animation in PhotoShop/ImageReady

    OK cool I'll write something up for it.
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    Was this achieved with Photoshop?

    This is a good tutorial if you like the above effect I did this tutorial on a picture of my Daughter and it turned out awesome! I did the below picture using the same tutorial.
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    Need help with a certain animation in PhotoShop/ImageReady

    Something I put together It is close to what you want there so if you want to know how to do it I can Post a tutorial.
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    Honey I'm Home!!!

    Wow I see a lot of new names here! Sorry I have been off line for a bit I am ready to get back into the Guru's again! Gladd to see some of the old hands still here! Mark love the look of your webpage very cool!
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    Planet with terrain

    Rick quick question.... How do you do that warp trail? I have tried but mine com out looking like a streaked cloud.
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    Planet with terrain

    My last one I promise!! Just had to do this one it was crying out to me!!
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    Planet with terrain

    Another Star Trek One For You Guys!! Did another Trek theme!!
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    A Free Glass Sphere...

    LOL Mark!! Hey everyone makes mistakes [shhh] thanks for the zip as I am on a glass sphere kick right now!!
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    Photograph to painting (very good)

    Cool Gauss!! Allot of color in that one. I think I will do a couple of my wedding photos next then I will post them here.