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Recent content by Rick Miller

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    Way Cool Website

    meehoo: Great job with the Beseler Enlarger - I was using it yesterday to create contact sheets. I assumed it was a photograph until you mentioned that it was done in 3D Max and PS.
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    Blending photographs with background

    Greetings Kelly. You've come to the right place. Mark (theKeeper) has done an excellent job of creating a helpful and friendly community. As you'll soon see - the people here are fantastic. Cheers!
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    Great Photoshop link

    Great link Ammar! Thanks. It's good to see we can at least agree on the amazing talent of Russell Brown. Russell's always coming up with awesome techniques such as the one for grayscale conversion listed on his site.
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    (Digital) Photography and Photoshop

    Great links Gaussian, I'm on many of these daily. :righton:
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    Free Auto FX/ DreamSuite PS plugin

    Autofx has a free Photoshop plugin available for download that's part of their DreamSuite Series; check it out:
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    Dots & textures

    Gaussian: The pink one rocks! :righton:
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    Converting a photograph to a painting/drawing

    Great technique! :righton: I just had to play with it; thanks for sharing. [excited]
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    Close all open documents at once.

    Great tip Gaussian. :righton: Additionally, one can hold down Control(PC) Command(Mac) + Shift + W, or in Photoshop 6: Windows > Close all. In Photoshop 7: Windows > Documents > Close all.
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    Filter real-time preview

    Hey Joy, good to hear from you. As Photoshop is constantly evolving, the education never stops. We're all learning the program -that's why we're here (besides the good humor). It was cool, thanks for asking. I went to the Irish Festival with my mom, my sis, and a friend - even wore my...
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    Filter real-time preview

    To achieve a real-time preview of a filter effect in the proxy preview area of a filter's dialog box, hold the Alt/Option key while dragging a slider.
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    Colour Wheel

    Displacement Map excitement Stroker: You're the Jean Francois Champollion of Displacement maps! (Rosetta Stone) :righton: Your work on displacemet maps could be considered like the Rosetta Stone in that it illuminates what was once a mystery. I'm completely excited over your work and can...
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    Colour Wheel

    Stroker: I've only had time to make a cursory examination of your displacement map guide, but I'm really excited with what I've seen. :righton: Is your background math?
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    Colour Wheel

    Nice job Stroker. :righton: It's important for Photoshop users to be cognizant of the color wheel and how color interacts with one another. One area where this information is vital, is color correction. If we look at Stroker's color wheel, we'll notice that RGB and CMY are complementary...