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    What's on your mind?

    I am thinking that I should probably go to bed but I am a night owl so screw it lol :D
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    Whats your favourite phone app

    RadarScope, its a premium app that shows various National Weather Service radar images both still and loop. We used it when we chased to Mapleton, Iowa EF-3 wedge tornado in 2010. They finally released it for Android, it will be used as a backup radar source when I am chasing storms... and...
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    Adding extra width to an image

    The only issue I have now though is adding text to my new canvased area :-\
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    Adding extra width to an image

    You are awesome!!! :D Thank you thank you thank you so very much!!! :)
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    My first designs

    Thank you folks :)
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    Adding extra width to an image

    I have the image above (attached here). In PS CS5, I want to change the width to allow a white space where I can add text. This will be used as a logo. Understand though, I want to keep that image above the same sizes but add that extra bit of white space (extra width space I can determine), I...
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    Fonts and clipart

    Cool cool, I will check them out :) I am one of those "every logo for a website has to have they eye catching image" kind of guy, haha.
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    If you offer a "premium member" feature, it could always be something extra for them :) Just an idea though, that has been suggested to me before but the part about activity decreasing is what makes me not do it.....yet :P
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    Forum Software Update and Scheduled Downtime

    Buttons appear to be working on my end. That sprite.php file missing is the likely cause. After its fixed, everyone may need to clear cache and try again :)
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    Test thread and problem reporting

    To fix the buttons... Make sure sprite.php is in: 1. images/styles/what-ever-style-you-use-here/editor/sprite.png 2. images/styles/editor/sprite.png Had the same problem on a couple vb forums I run, fixed it right up!
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    Howdy folks :)

    Thank you for the welcome folks :)
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    Dealing with spam.

    Any StopForumSpam modification will do exactly that for you but like I said, it can be bitter/sweet because it sometimes blocks real members. However, it blocks way more spammers than members, haha.
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    What's on your mind?

    Currently on my mind is that I need to go buy a pack of smokes from the local general store but I am lazy LOL xD
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    AJAX CHAT is an option with most forum software including vBulletin 4 versions. Its very basic and does give moderation team members some control. Then there is always the shoutbox/chatbox option however be warned, some of them pose security risks (research first) and they usually take away from...
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    Dealing with spam.

    If I may suggest, Q&A anti-spam methods are the best I have seen for blocking out spam... I run a lot of forums myself :) I run vb, ipb, smf and mybb. I probably run 30 of them and will run more too :P Anyways, spam was always an issue so I started trying to methods... CAPTCHA is junk unless...