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  1. E

    Photoshop users , could you assist me?

    I would love an image altered .... Could any one help me by editing this image to the faded nostalgic look ( please look at both photos ... I want this image to look like the shirt (In other words , any anyone help me dueplicate this image to look like the one on the shirt ... like...
  2. B

    A bit of a challenge?

    The assignment is to alter this picture of a painting and basically remove the two naked women. If possible, the third woman in the background as well. Can you break it? Thanks in advance
  3. R

    Cut Out Image

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help? Please could this image be photoshopped so that the car is on a transparent background? Many thanks in advance, Robert
  4. R

    Please restore this photo

    Dear Members, this is the only photo I have about my great-grandparents. Could you please restore it and make them more visible? Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
  5. D

    Please help edit and change backgrround

    Hey, i need help to make me look more fair in this pic and change the background to any cool place, you think will be suitable and awesome. Thank you in advance
  6. L

    Game Mod Portrait (Part 2)

    Like my first thread (Game mod portrait) here, I would like this picture In this style And here follows a painting as refference for hair/eye/skin color (only colored picture of him) Once again, thanks in advance!
  7. L

    Game mod portrait

    I would like the man on the right in color and in the style of the men on the left. Thanks in advance.
  8. C

    help with mothers day gift

    could someone please help by editing out the gentleman in the top left corner? This is so we can use this photo as a mothers day gift. Thank you in advance
  9. R

    Please remove the man from the picture

    Dear Members, please remove the man from the first photo, so it is just me and the baby. The second picture is for reference for the wall. Thanks in advance!
  10. T

    I need help creating a sparkle symbol

    Hello! I was trying to create a sparkle-kinda shape, but all I managed to do was some sort of weird looking swastika. I was trying to make something like the symbols circled on this image I am posting. Thanks in advance!
  11. L

    Turning white objects into color

    Hi all, I am new to this group. I joined with hope to get really helpful tips! I am working on a job that consists of coloring a WHITE headboard into 28 different colors (specific furniture finishes). I have not been successful in finding out how to do this. I have tried the color...
  12. J

    Newbie need turtorial how to swap face into a gif pic

    How to swap face into this gif, I need a tutorial , thank you in advance.
  13. 7

    Please photoshop my cabinets

    Looking for someone to photoshop my cabinets in white and possibly a dark brown stained look also. Trying to decide while remodeling. Thank you in advance.
  14. A

    Need wallpapers

    Dear Photoshop Gurus I need wallpapers for that logo Thank you in advance
  15. R

    Please restore this photo

    Dear Members, could somebody please restore my only photo about my great-grandfather? Thank you in advance!
  16. R

    Christmas photo

    Dear Members, I made this photo for christmas. Can somebody please fix the colors and lights, remove the visible tapes from the wall and the white writing from the baby's dress and make the whole photo look more professional? Thank you in advance!
  17. A

    Help with swaping faces

    Hi everyone, Could you please swap my friends face with the man in a suit doing a peace sign. I uplaoded a few photos because some of them are LQ. I'm terrible at photoshop so thanks in advance :)
  18. L

    Show Colour

    Hiya, my daughter has asked if it is possible to change the colour of her shoes from gold to red. Thanks in advance!
  19. K

    New here, could somebody plz help me tidy up this image of my dogs

    Hi I am looking to either get the outlines on this image that I have edited myself cleaned up or I can upload the 3 original pix that I took for somebody to place them and make it look better for me. I am am looking to do dog walking and wish to use a picture of my 3 dogs on my profile...
  20. O

    Dramatic Color Scheme

    Dear Members, I am looking to learn how to change the color scheme of my photos to add more dramatic look. Can someone point me to a good tutorial perhaps to help me out? please see the link below for the look I want to achieve. Thanks in advance.