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  1. M

    Moire on print but not on PDF? What to do?

    Hi Photoshop Gurus I have moire on these images even-though it looked perfect before print? Is there a way i can make a preview that reveals the "hidden" moire? I view it in printview on photoshop(calibrated to my imac screen) "there was a little moire" then saved it as PDF "then no moire"...
  2. M

    Need help to blend a photo

    Hello! I am a newbie and confused with these photoes. As you can see, first image is original and the other has been retouched in photoshop, which made it more beautiful. I would love to know the techniques. please tell me what I need to do to get the result like this. If it's okay, please send...
  3. B


    Hello everyone There is an app on iphone that allows you to do patterns on your image. The app is called "fragment" This app is only available on iphone. If this was something I wanted to do on photoshop how would it be done? Or is there any similar app (on computer) that allow me to create...
  4. S

    Hi there.

    Hi, just signed up, amateur photo shopper just for pleasure, getting to the stage where i need advice etc to advance so thought id come to fountain of all knowledge! ;) Vince
  5. G

    Manipulating the background

    I have an image where the subject is in the middle and has tobacco surround most of her. I need to make the tobacco cover the entire background, making it seem like shes lying in a gigantic pile of it (like American Beauty style). What would be the best way to go about doing this? I'm using...
  6. L

    Help with fading, thanks

    Hi, Having a slight problem getting a equal fade. Img>fade transparently into the background. Was easy enough to do doing it on a straight edge but have had some difficulty getting a equal fade on the angular part of the picture to be all equal. Not sure if I have done the best at explaing this...
  7. F

    Infiniti G37x

    I would love if someone could change the lime green on this car to red, I want to do this to my car, but first want to see what it would look like. Thank you in advance!
  8. P

    Can someone help me edit (remove stuff from a picture) ?

    can someone help me out to remove some elements from a picture? i would do it if i knew how. if any of you guys can help please pm me. thanks in advance
  9. W

    Help making a prairie/sky or a Park background

    I am very much new to Photoshop or would like to learn as much as possible. If anyone can point me toward a video or detailed instructions, I would truly appreciate it. I only have four or five days to finish the project. Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. C

    Hello From Alberta Canada!

    Hi, I love photography and I have some Photoshop experience but not a lot as in high school I loved being in the darkroom, still do I just don't have one. Thanks in advance for helping with my questions and hopefully I can eventually learn more so I can help others.
  11. J

    Actions Actions (change colors)

    Hello, i wonder if there could be make an action, for coloring specific parts of my psd file. So for example, i have 5 different objects which i want to color. I want to color them with 4 different colors(green, yellow,blue,black). But that i do not do every object by object i want that...