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  1. P

    photoshop editors copyrights

    Hi guys i have one question about copyrights. If you change a background or retouch an image can you put it to your portfolio or is it forbidden by the copyright to the client. Thnx in advance
  2. S

    Hello, very new here but running CS5 on OS 10.6.8 on a 2009 MBP

    I'm here because I'm getting back into PS work and noticed an issue. Don't want to post in the wrong place so I'll just say hello and thank you in advance. Sockbunny, aka Barbara *PS Also in advance: Yes I am planning to buy a new MacBookPro but waiting for the hotly anticipated Skylake chips
  3. L

    Super Noob has arrived.

    Hey everyone, My name is Steve, I do all my art by hand and just recently got a Adobe CS 6. I am super new and have tried to find tutorials on YouTube which have not helped me achieve what my goals are. I want to say thank you in advance anyone who helps me out while I'm here. I have already...
  4. F

    Can you help me to do something similiar ?

    As you can notice, the image has some shadows on the left and the right side. Can someone help me to reproduce that ? And I would like to know what font is used for the the text ( Paranoid 2015 ) and the settings used in PhotoShop (shadows etc). Thanks in advance !
  5. D

    Hello from Arizona

    My name is Dean and although I'm not new to photography, I am new to Photoshop. I've been using Lightroom since LR3. I love photography and the creativity that comes with post production has really got my juices flowing. YouTube has been a great resource but I think having the ability to...
  6. J

    Help swapping faces

    Hey, I would like to swap between the faces of the guy and the deer in the attached photo. anyone please? :) thanks in advance.
  7. W

    My logo Please check and help me to make it more attractive.

    Hello, My Company Name is Cartel. I am starting my event management company where we will organize parties and everything. I designed this logo. How can i make this more Professional ? Need to make more attractive. How can i do this ? Thank You in advance :)
  8. S

    Remove shadow from this pic if possible please

    Hi, happy new year to you all. I've really tried to remove the shadow from this picture but I just can't do it! I need to use the pic as a profile pic and the shape of the phone across my face looks ridiculous! I just can't do it, is this something someone could help me with please? I've...
  9. O

    Help! - Create a net in Photoshop?

    Hello! I'll jump right into it, found this website and somehow the background really caught my attention. Tried to make myself a copy in Photoshop but not with desired look. Does anyone know if this is made in Photoshop and if, how could i recreate it? (EDIT. It's only the background]...
  10. G

    Please help me decipher this number plate

    Hi, this car hit my car and drove off. I would really appreciate any help with figuring out the number plate. This is a still from the video I got, I could post the video if that helps? Thanks in advance.
  11. M

    Anyone here helps me with this please :D

    I got problem when enlarging the image below, can anyone here help me draw the pattern again in transparent as PSD file ? Thank you in advance :D
  12. J

    Photoshop Christmassy effects

    I am new to forums so please forgive me as I learn. I have taken a number of images for a charity event with families with Santa. I'd like the give the photos a magical Christmassy touch / effect so the families can treasure them. I am just not sure how or what to do. I do have photoshop but it...
  13. M

    Need text in photo

    Hi Can anyone help me with this photo. I need the tracking number that begins JJD I have the first bit, but struggling with the end Many thanks in advance Martin
  14. J

    Coloring request

    Hello My grandparents are about to celebrate their 50th year of marriage. They use their old wedding picture on the invite for the party. I thought maybe someone would be able to colorize the picture and restore it a bit. Is this possible? Here is the link...
  15. J

    Photoshop request

    Tried my hand at 'photoshopping' this family photo. I need a bit of help tidying it up. Would someone be kind enough to neaten up the edges for me and sort out the colour? Thanks very much in advance...
  16. Alexandria


    Can anyone tell me how this effect was done: Thanks in advance :wink:
  17. C

    How can I get this exact effect?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how can I get the exact same effect for any picture. Thank you in advance
  18. J

    Need advice of how to make the effect in an example image

    Hello everyone, I'm new to photoshop and I would like to do the very same effect as presented at the next image. Can you please tell me how to achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  19. N

    Hellooo guys girls and gurus

    Hello everyone. My name is Liam, I am an amateur photographer and new to Photoshop. I love design and hope to learn a lot to be able to help others like my self in the future. Thanks in advance for taking the time out to read any questions I may have :cheesygrin:
  20. N


    Hi, I'm a beginner trying to get to grips with Photoshop - so expect me on this website quite often! lol Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me with my future questions. Nam