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  1. B

    Help me choose color combinations for fixing my Grandpas old Truck.

    I just inherited my Grandpaws old 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and I'd like to see your take on color combos for either a paint job or wrap. I'd like the idea of leaving one of the colors and wrapping the other but I'm not opposed to changing the whole thing either. Looking for somewhat of a...
  2. F

    Modify a profile picture

    Hi all! Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to Photoshop my profile picture to remove my sister. I need a "casual day" picture and my name is gender-neutral so I don't want there to be any confusion. Thank you in advance!
  3. A

    Creating shapes with light effect

    Hello, I am quite new to Photoshop. I would like to create an image like the one that is displayed on the attachment, but with blue color instead of gray. Can you advice a method for creating such an image? Thanks in advance, Alex.
  4. A

    tips for web designing

    Hello guys Ali here , recently our class teacher give is assignment " Design website in photoshop " . For this i want you guys to give me some tips about webdesign and ideas . Thanx in advance
  5. J


    Can you please let me know if FACEAWARELIQUIFY can be used with PHOTOSHOP CS6? And is it pricey? Thank you in advance. Joe
  6. C

    Can someone please help me with a small photoshop request i have?

    Hey!:help: Would someone kindly Photoshop the attached image for me. I would like the Registration/ Number plate to read BLOWOUT. Anyone that could help, I would be HUGELY grateful!! Thanks in advance! Holly
  7. M

    How to make color clouds (was: Textured Gradient Help)

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to recreate something similar to what I have attatched. Making gradients is easy, but I wanted to create something that had some sort of texture. Thanks in advance Max
  8. I

    Novice needing help with logo

    Hi all! I'm wondering if someone could help me? I'm trying to make a PSD logo with something like the Lemons in the attached photo. It's for an idea I'm working. I just need the lemon part but I can't for the life of me get it work work! Hopefully someone can help! Thanks in advance! B
  9. C

    Please remove a person (ex-boyfriend) from photo.

    Hi Is anyone able to remove the guy from this photo, please? Thanks in advance!
  10. L

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Esther (from the Netherlands) and I have just started working with Adobe Illustrator. I have always used Photoshop before and found out Illustrator is well - something else ;-) ! Thanks in advance for your help with all my questions! And I'll do my best to help out where I can. Cheers!
  11. B

    Fake Euro Coins :)

    Hi :), can someone try to change the coins and the one bill to be: 4 ct, 60 ct, 3 Euro und a 7 Euro bill. ? That would be very much appreciated. It doesn't have to look too good. Just semi-decent. Thanks in advance. :)
  12. J

    Background colour change

    Can anyone, please, give me a simple, straightforward method for changing the background color in a photo using Photoshop CS 6 and Windows 10? Thank you in advance. JoeJ
  13. A

    Can someone please change my logo colour to a grey transparent version? Thanks!

    I need my logo in grey PNG (transparent) format please - if you could help that would be FANTASTIC! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  14. M

    Little help on something I've forgotten!

    Hey all, I have a solid colored logo (white) and I want to fill it with an image I've taken. I've done this before but I cannot for the life of me remember how I did it! Could anyone shed some light on it for me? Thanks in advance! B
  15. S

    Trying to recreate a shield shape.Got struck!!

    Trying to recreate or replicate this attached shape with gradients and information on a shield shape.Got struck!! Any help or tutorials will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance Gurus.How to add exactly similar gradients and other information on the Target file ?? Want to learn .Thanks in...
  16. A

    Picture transform - help needed :)

    Hello, I have the following problem. I need to change some photographed pictures into let say symbols. I have an example here how it should look like: Photo: Symbol: s there any program for this? I hope that someone can give me advice how is the best way to do it. Thank you all in...
  17. H

    Make my son fly :-)

    Could some one please please help me edit this photo to make the hot air balloon seem like its flying..... Thank you so very much in advance for your help!
  18. S

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows ?

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows and the glossy effect etc?? Any tutorial is really helpful to all of us who are new to photoshop.Thanks in advance gurus.
  19. S

    Am curious to know how to make these sort of dividers

    Am curious to know how to make these sort of arrow dividers. Gurus Any tutorials please ? Helpful to all the newbies in here. Thanks in advance. :help: :help:
  20. S

    Edge manipulation on merged image

    Hi there, can somebody help me out how I can focally adjust the brightness, intensity or smoothen at the edges of the single merged images. Currently some of the single images can be pointed out and that looks $QOZ%§I%U§QT Thanks in advance