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  1. chrisdesign

    Portfolio at Behance

    Has anyone of you a portfolio at Behance? What are your experiences with it? What must be considered? How good is the reliability? Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice. Regards Chris
  2. C

    photoshop error message (actions)

    Has anyone had this message when trying to load an action in photoshop cs5 " could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document"? Thank you in advance
  3. D


    I was working on a corel draw file of 159+ MB file when the power suddenly went off and I couldn't open the file when the power was back. Maybe someone have come across a situation like this? Thanks in advance.
  4. W

    Batch Automation Need help on automation/ batch/ actions

    Hi There, Glad I found tis forum! Desperately need help on a way to automate school photography proof cards. Each image taken at a school needs to be placed on proof card, I'm tying to find out if I automate this process with photoshop! Please see proof this as an example...
  5. B

    Hello, the heck do I do this? Transparency with black

    I have no idea how to remove the black in these and turn these images to retain the fade around the edges ...hoping that one of you guru's can help let me know if it's even possible? Much appreciation in advance!
  6. J

    Making multiple selections (being a div?)

    hi, am I being stupid? i can't seem to find where you start a new forum?! thanks in advance, Jenny
  7. E

    Hello Gurus!

    hello, i have to say i do not no anything about Photoshop but i am ready to learn. : thank you for helping me in advance! Eszter
  8. M

    Hi from France

    Hello everyone ! I'm always been a fan of image editing and taking pictures. I always looking for some help ! In advance I warn you about my bad grammar :)
  9. Z

    How to make the image darken like thsi using photoshop cs6??

    I Often wonder how to darken the given image like the one i attached. What i tried is i added a rectangle over the image with black and tried to reduce the opacity and fills.But i didn't get the result like the one i attached. Gurus please give me your expert suggestions on it. Thanks in...
  10. P

    can someone please edit a photo for me (change skin tone in a photo)

    if you dont mind, id appreciate the help. im not good with photoshop. please pm me thanks in advance
  11. P

    Can someone help me with a picture?

    its personal, something really minor and it bothers me but i dont know anything about photoshop. if someone is willing to help me, please pm me. thanks in advance
  12. R

    greetings from Phoenix, AZ!

    Hey, I'm fairly new to Photoshop and DSLR photography. I have used the basics of Photoshop for a while but I'd like to learn how to utilize it more efficiently. sorry in advance for questions that have already been answered. I DO use the search function prior to any question asking.
  13. C

    Giving modern day photos a 1990s style / feel?

    Hi Ive got some images of some pals dressed up in 1990s clothing that I'd like to make a bit more authentic 1990s looking. Any thoughts on re-colouring, saturation etc etc? I'm not saying it needs to be as stylized as an Instagram type effect, but that kind of thing. Many thanks in advance.
  14. T

    replicating this unique pixelated effect

    Hello everyone, ive been using photoshop for about a year and a half, and i now try to create art compositions on it. Anyways the reason why i came here was to know how to do this piwelated effect on the picture. Thank you in advance, TDB___ EDIT: Please upload your images in the future.
  15. H

    What up?

    Hey guys, I'm a rank amateur, but have been using PS for years for basic stuff. Every now and then I get stuck and can't find a tutorial online, though, so hopefully you all will be patient with my noob questions. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  16. G

    I need some help

    Hi people I'm new here and i need some help from you. I have found a magazine's cover and i'm impressed from it. Have you an idea how they do that? Thank you in advance
  17. F

    Please help me catch these noisy individuals

    Hi, I haven't moved yet but one of my cameras detected motion and took some snapshots... I was wondering if anybody here can help me identify the faces as the camera was not placed correctly during the event. Thank you in advance.
  18. K

    Newbie here with a favor

    Hi guys! I am new to photoshop and have been trying this for hours! I found a photo I really like and want to use the picture for my background but I don't want the shirt there. I only want Marilynn. Can someone help me or point me in the correct direction? Thank you so myuch in advance!
  19. J

    New photoshop user intro

    Hi, I am new to Photoshop in general and I'm looking for help to get started. This seems like a nice community and i'd like to thank everyone in advance for their help :)
  20. R

    Any idea whats the latest build of PS CC??

    Any idea whats the latest build of PS CC 2014?? Also whats the major difference between CC and CC2014?? Whats the latest build of ps?? Its confusing . Please gurus explain me before i upgrade from cs6. Thanks in advance.