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  1. A

    Railings remove request!

    Hello! Is it possible to remove the railings (both on right and left)? Thanks in advance. (the blur is ok, don't worry:lol:)
  2. E

    Clothing Help!

    Hello! I am hoping you can help me! I am trying to remove the chain detail from the shirt in the below photo but not having a lot of luck ? are you able to assist? Thank you in advance for your time!
  3. X

    Bear by itself

    Can someone remove background surroundings and make it just the bear by itself with a transparent background? Thanks in advance
  4. MariaT

    Improve image quality/sharpness

    Hi all Is it possible to improve the quality of this pic (taken on a low res camera)? I want the blurness out and it more clearer and sharper. thanks in advance x
  5. J

    Remove snapchat title

    Can somebody please remove the "buzz smyth 32s ago from the top left corner", thank you in advance
  6. K

    Photo edit help

    Can someone please help me look like we're dripping water like we just got out of the pool? Thanks in advance Images were too large
  7. vladitan

    Illustrator Help with editing vector in illustrator

    Hi. I`m new to illustrator and I`m wondering how to edit the text in this file Thanks in advance.
  8. J

    Please fix red eye!

    Will someone please fix the red/white eyes? For people and pets. Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    YT-Profile Picture

    Hi, I'm an hobby-youtuber an I haven't got a profile picture yet. I'm would like an mix of a fish, a banana and a pineapple. It must not exceed 800x800 pixel. :cheesygrin:Thanks in advance: Banananassfisch
  10. S

    Please help me merge the two pictures

    Hi.. Please help me get the the image1 to come on prominent wall shown in image2 which is depicting wall damp. It should come like the wall is painted with that pattern. Really looking forward for it. Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    Can anyone remove the towaway signs?

    Could someone please remove the red and white towaway signs in the picture? And if possible could you also enhance the photo in any way? Like improving the resolution or messing around with the contrast to make it better Thanks in advance
  12. vladitan

    Need this font

    Hello. I desperately need this font or similar. Thank you in advance.
  13. A

    The Darkness Beneath

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could cut the shadow figure out of its photo, place it inside the eye and fade it slightly so that it looks like the figure is looking through the eye like one would through glass? Thanks in advance!
  14. V

    Enhance quality of image

    Hello everyone Is there any way the quality of this picture could be enhanced? Like the colors and it being less blurry(especially my face)? thank you in advance :)
  15. S

    where do i get these kind of shapes??

    Hello All I believe there is a custom shape like the screen shoot below somewhere i can download it , can someone advise me, please. many thanks in advance
  16. T

    Photoshop CS6 serial number not accepted

    Hello, I am a newbie here and I apologize in advance if this is not properly worded or entered in the wrong place, etc. I use a MacBook Pro, late 2011 edition with OSX Yosemite version 10.10.5 I legally purchased Adobe Creative Suite Premium with Photoshop CS6 awhile ago. I used it briefly...
  17. X

    Remove red light

    Can someone remove red light from right guy's head without affecting rest of the photo? Thank you in advance!
  18. A

    Removing shadows from faces

    Hi! I was wondering if somone could remove the shadows from under the faces to make it more clear? Thanks in advance !
  19. B

    Requesting help with changing a frown to a smile

    I look pretty angry in this photo but I still like it of me, so if it's possible to change my expression to a teeth-smile or at least just a closed-mouth smile, that would be great. Also, not sure if I'm embedding this correctly but if not I'll provide a link as well. Thanks in advance...
  20. U

    Colored and even picture

    Hi guys! I just need your help restoring the picture. Can we make this colored and make it even? I've edited the guy on the far right. I just want it to become realistic and don't look edited. Appreciate it! Thanks in advance!