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Coloring request


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@Jolan Delecluyse
I will work on your photo.
Restoring the photo will not be a big problem.
Do you have any idea of the colors I should use, like the wall in the background, the color of the costume of your grandfather?
Thank you very much!
Unfortunately I don't know the exact colors, but my guess is that the wall was some kind of white and the costume some kind of black.
The vase on the left should have blue prints probably and the glass on the right maybe some dark red.
I actually have no clue and no way to find out.
I hope this isn't a problem.


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No problem. I know that Tobacco vase, my grandfather had one like it.
I'll post the pictures soon
Any chance of the original image being posted rather than an 'unknown' dropbox link please?


@Eggy I'm sorry but I should've mentioned that her hair color wasn't that black, it was more brown-like, as you can see left of her eye in your edited picture, there's a spot of the color it was.
@MrToM As you can see the dropbox link ends with "=0", that means there won't be a direct download, you'll be able to see the picture online so you don't have to worry about "unknown" links, but if you realy want it, here you go:
Thanks to both of you.

Just to clarify, I asked for the original to be posted for two reasons:

1. If the link gets broken we still have it here on the forum.
2. We can now see what an EXCELLENT job Eggy has done to it!



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As some of you know, I'm quite adamant about adding linked images to threads for prosperity. Here, I did not add the original image to the thread because I would've had to resize it. The download in the link contains the image in it's original size.

edit: Sorry I didn't explain better. The original download from the link after I cropped it, was 4173 x 3064. At that size, it still exceeded our download limitations which is 3500 x 3500. I felt that the original size would be much better to work with.
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Sorry for the confusion, in my haste I didn't notice that neither the OP nor Eggy actually posted the original image, but a 'cropped' version of it.

Eggy posted the maximum he could, 3500px, the other is a smaller version still.

Whatever....still an excellent job!

FWIW, using manual methods, one can go a bit further than what "auto color" will give. The main step in this process involves pulling in the two endpoint sliders for each channel in a "levels" adjustment layer to the point where the histogram for each channel starts to rise from the baseline, tweaking slightly from there by eye.

While this process terribly exaggerates all color differences in the image, and hence is rarely terribly useful in itself, this method can often suggest missing / unknown colors in the original for a manual re-coloring job.


Tom M