1. tvco

    Specific Avatar request

    Hello, I would like to start a project soon, for that I need an avatar and possibly a banner. The avatar must be round and consist of the word INDI3. It has to be black and white and look kind of retro, indie. I've already got an avatar that I like very much (see attachment) but maybe someone...
  2. G

    Photo Edit YouTube Banner

    MY FIRST YOUTUBE BANNER CREATION ATTEMPT ! Please provide any constructive feedbacks if you are willing to.
  3. Bitcoin_Banner

    Paid Shopwindow banner for a good cause - 30 USD :)

    Hello photoshoppers :) ! iam searching for someone who has medium photoshop skills and can help me on a little project. i want to design a shopwindow banner for bitcoin. i have a very rough sketch of my thoughts and it would be nice if someone could do some magic and make it great :D i would...
  4. R

    Help Adding the Banner image to the Group Image

    I would greatly appreciate some help with merging the 2 images in such a way that the banner looks to be a part of the actual group photo. No specifics as to how it needs to be except that it just needs to look like a part of the actual shot. Thanks in advance! .
  5. J

    Photoshop request for Golf Logo

    Hey there, Looking to see if anyone could help me out with a logo that I am trying to photoshop for a golf tournament. If you look at the images attached, one of them shows the GolfMatch Tri State Cup that another player photshopped but no longer have contact with him, and the Ryder cup one is...
  6. T

    Paid Need 5 banner / graphics for my blog (50 $)

    Hello, I need a banner-set for my blog (ask URL per PM or mail): ? button (88x31 Pixel) ? mikcobutton (80x15 Pixel) ? banner (468x60 Pixel) ? seal, round (125x125 Pixel) All banners need to be static, not-animated. I use a simple bootstrap-design for the blog. I pay 50 US-Dollar via PayPal...
  7. K

    Looking for someone to help create a sweet web banner.

    I don't have any skills on Photoshop. Looking for someone to create a nice simple web banner for my website. G.enuine A.rcade M.ulti E.ntertainment System Please someone help. Thank you.
  8. L

    Star Wars Banner Request

    Hello. I am looking for a banner for my Star Wars the Old Republic Guild web page. Below are the requirements. I am looking to have both a Jedi and Sith theme and the name of our guild "Galaxy Knights" on the banner. Any help with this would be appreciated. Optimal Height Create headers...
  9. B

    Banner Art Needed (Paying up to $50)

    Hello Photoshop Gurus once again, I've been here once before and loved the outcome so I'm back hoping this will be two for two! Details : I am trying to launch my own youtube channel (gaming commentary/comedy) and I am in need of banner art that will go on a FACEBOOK page and YOUTUBE page...
  10. B

    Can someone make youtube banner and logo?

    Hi Im a Swedish youtuber who just started out today. Im really bad at graphic designs so i was wondering if anyone could make a banner and logo for me
  11. I

    Banner Request for new gaming channel

    Hi, I'm Icy-X, and I have a new channel called Icy-X Gaming on YouTube. I'm looking for someone to make a banner for me if they wouldn't mind. I don't have any real specifications.
  12. LemonLuuk

    Help me please.. im desperate.

    I can spend hours in photoshop and still end up with nothing. Im doing photoshop since 2010 for a hobby but im still having problems. Since my friends are being upcoming 'artist' and they ask me for making covers i want to do a good job but i cant. My mission for today was making a youtube logo...
  13. J

    Help with wrapping banner around Oval Shape

    I have a long thin banner that I want to bend or rap around an oval shape to make the banner appear to be border for the oval how can I do this? tried Edit>Transform>Wrap but it had disastrous results attached is a copy of my starting point, I want the black and gold banner to drape or wrap...
  14. O

    how to change color text in vector banners

    I have download vector banner and there are tiff file and ai file I have opened tiff file there are 4 banners in layer I want to edit change color and text in banner and work only with 1 banner I don,t get why there is no layer of text and rectange layer to work with banner editting how...
  15. S

    YouTube Banner Please

    Hi, im just looking for a simple youtube banner. I play a lot of games and mainly Fifa and would like the text Sitruc in the middle please. For example, my main games are pokemon and fifa, so maybe have a stadium on the left with alexis sanchez, and a pokemon theme on the right with manectric...
  16. D

    Banner with a Pepsi Theme

    I want a lemonade banner made but for it to look similar to a pepsi wallpaper I have. Is this possible? pepsi banner a lemonade quote This is also a huge banner 8ft x 10ft. Its going to get printed. Someone steer me in the right direction
  17. S

    Business Logo and Banner

    Logo Design Needed Paying $ 50.00 negotiable. Depends on detail of logo. Banner design needed Paying $ 50.00 negotiable. Depends on detail of logo. I need a Crossfit Logo made. I am thinking of a male and female spartan on the left and right of the logo facing inward with crossfit in the...
  18. ashley1

    Logo Request

    So, the current logo I have is uncreative. It was made on "My Paint" which is very limited. I have minimal knowledge of ps and gimp. I have tried for so long to make something. I even tried pencil and paper to no avail. If anyone can give tips or make something, I'd really appreciate it! So, I...
  19. ashley1

    Need some serious help on my facebook banner!

    I am very new to Photoshop cc and need some help. A lot of things seem very off about my banner. I wanted the letters to look like they are flying out, but can't figure it out. If you have any suggestions on how to better this, please tell me. : ) Thank you!
  20. E

    Youtube banner 75% finished - What to change?

    Hey PS Gurus, What would you change of the Youtube banner I'm working on? It's supposed to give the impression that you'll see lots of traveling on the channel, however my friend said his first impression was "painting tutorials". :confused: I might add captions such as: Behind the scenes |...