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Logo Request


So, the current logo I have is uncreative. It was made on "My Paint" which is very limited. I have minimal knowledge of ps and gimp. I have tried for so long to make something. I even tried pencil and paper to no avail. If anyone can give tips or make something, I'd really appreciate it!

So, I had a previous thread (about a banner). I love the lettering in that banner and the 3D part Eggy fixed for it. I do think background would be cluttered for a logo.

I would love to have that lettering apart of the logo. I have no idea how to extract a copy of that part only, shrink it, make it look nice smaller etc. I love the colors in the background of the banner, the blue, green, white. I want the letter fronts to stay yellow.

Background: something similar in colors as the banner.
Foreground: The lettering.
Info: I sell Pokemon cards... mainly to collectors, children, and parents.

Not looking for anything too fancy, as I don't have the money to pay for anything like that. :(

Banner Pic/Reference:

One more thing, I may not post a response past 9 tonight or until friday. I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow.
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