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  1. B

    Need help!

    Hi guys, I am having an annoying issue, when I opened my PS file these black artifacts came on the screen, I never created them. Any advice? I can can redo parts of the image but I have to finish them for tomorrow so its a pain. The second image was the white background layer, those black...
  2. F

    Quick help for an icon (resolution, effects)

    Hey there Gurus! I'm currently working on building a new website (my first one) for a student association. It's a all black and white design and I need to insert this icon on the page. Unfortunately it's too small to use and has some unwanted effects (gray strains). Could one of you fix it to...
  3. L

    Logo background edit help!

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to edit the background of this logo for me so that it is just the red tree logo on a black background instead of a white background. The second image I have attached, I would also like edited so again it is a red tree on a black background rather than the white on...
  4. M

    Black rims?

    Hi, I randomly came across your site from a google search and was wondering if you would be able to help me make up my mind. I have been toying with the idea of painting the rims on my car black, but have been unable to find a picture of the rims, in black, on the car. Would it be possible to...
  5. A

    Photoshop Request

    Can someone photoshop a thin black choker around my neck? Thanks, Angela Weng
  6. A

    Leggings/Tights Photoshop Request

    Can someone photoshop the image so that the girl on the left is wearing skin-tight black leggings? Thanks, Angela Weng
  7. N

    Change color of an image

    Can someone change the color of this logo from black to blue please?
  8. A

    Photoshop Request

    Can someone photoshop the image so that the girl in the back is wearing black stiletto boots? Thanks, Angela Weng
  9. M

    Photoshop colouring fill request

    Hi Everyone, So I am just in the process of finalizing a few last minute items before my wedding in 2 weeks. One of which is for my photobooth, as we were asked to design the cartoon's we want on the photostrips as well as the 'touch to start' screens. Anyhow, so I spent a long time drawing...
  10. U

    How do I create this black and white effect?

    Hey guys, I saw an Instagram post with a photo of Shanghai Tower. The tower has that black and white effect which makes it look like the skeleton of the building. How do I apply this effect? thanks <3 :rolleyes:
  11. Coffee_Girl

    Is it possible to isolate all colors except the black colors on this pattern?

    First off, I just want to thank you for taking a look at this. I'm not great with photoshop (I can only use the paint tool)... how can I turn the brown areas pure white and only leave the black words and lines? I tried to use the paint tool to "paint" the brown areas white but it takes hours...
  12. E

    Need the emblem of this pic!

    Hello, I need help to get the symbol from those images, I need someone to help me get the symbol of the pictures, in a completely frontal view(so the circle becomes round and simetric) and get it in black and white(symbol in black, rest of the pic in white). Thank you so much. I'd really...
  13. X

    curves with white on the bottom left and black on the right top

    Hello, I try to use curves with black on the bottom left and white on the right top but I get by default the contrary curves with white on the bottom left and black on the right top. How can I inverse the colors ? Thank you in advance for your answers
  14. T

    Brushes + Threshold + Different Colors?

    Howdy folks! My first time here at these forums. I'm a print/textile/graphic designer and I haven't seen an answer to this question anywhere on the webs. This is sort of a complicated question. I'll do my best to ask it in a comprehensible way. I love the hard edges and visual effect of the...
  15. B

    Request Photo shop color or create a new image for my Paintball logo.

    Hello, Can I please get some help. I need help creating the logo for my Paintball team. I am not a graph designer. Here is what I am looking for. The image below is similar to what I am looking for. I would like instead of the black and dark green, I would like this to be dark red. I liked the...
  16. L

    Gif question, please help :)

    How can I properly export a gif with transparent background? I've tried multiple times to get a perfect transparent background on a gif, by doing a simple layer animation of a black circle, but when I export it, there's always a white halo around the black circle, I don't know what I'm doing...
  17. J

    Car rim edit

    Could anyone please edit this cars rims black? Would like a rough idea what it looks like with black rims thanks!
  18. D

    Illustrator Illustrator halfone screen gradient

    Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of the colour halftone on the attached images please so that it is just black and white:banghead:
  19. A

    Remove mirror from the photo

    Hello, Can someone remove the silver car's mirror from the photo ? Also if you could add a little clarity to the picture ( focused on the black car mostly) i would really appreciate. Thank you.
  20. A

    Please help change Text color

    Can you please help change the writing on the bottom where it says Music by Sivaro to white instead of black? Thank you