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  1. R

    Please make this photo look more professional

    Dear Members! Please make this photo look more professional (f.e. correct my skin, espcially on my face and around my nose) and please turn the whole picture into black and white! Could you also make my face darker and the baby's face brighter? So when someone looks at the picture, then it's...
  2. King Mustard

    Need help fading outside of ellipse to black

    I want to get this image printed on a black t-shirt. The blue effect on the background of the image, which I want to keep, stretches beyond the outside of the image so if it was printed, you'd see a box around it and it would look ugly on the t-shirt. A solution, to me, would be to drawn an...
  3. R

    Force an image to be only black, white, and grey.

    I have no idea what I'm doing to start. I have an image that I need to be only one shade of black one shade of white and one shade of grey. I'm not good with photoshop. I have a hard time working paint. If I need to explain better or something please let me know. Thanks for any help.
  4. G

    How to get this photoshop image on a transparent background?

    I've been following this tutorial here: and I managed to get a nice final result but I would like to have this on a transparent background instead of black. I have also tried to work on a transparent layer in the first place and make an additional...
  5. A

    Brush tool selected to black but comes out grey

    Hey there, I'm having a problem with the brush tool showing up as grey rather than black. I'm using the hard round preset and all colours are set to black. Image mode is set to RGB colour and 8bits. I have the brush size at 2px. If I increase the px size the brush colour goes darker. But I need...
  6. M

    Irregular Halo

    I have a shop and use photoshop to sort out my photos. I have curved various coloured items in a block and after removing the background in various ways I am left with a jagged halo. I have tried to remove it by various means. I don't want to remove a similar amount of pixels from around the...
  7. C

    How to View Original Colors While Using Layer Styles in PhotoShop

    Hi, I have a logo mockup for my logos. The mockup uses layer styles (stroke, inner shadow, color overlay, gradient overlay, and drop shadow. I brought my original logo (which is an Illustrator file into PhotoShop). The logo is black and red. I pasted into the psb file. When I saved the file the...
  8. N

    Change The color of LOGO

    Hello...... can someone help me please?? I want to change this colored Logo to White/Black logo I want it to be something like this logo Black borders and white background I will be very thankful if someone helps me. Thank You.
  9. M

    Improve color and quality

    Hello all! I wanted to see if the color and quality of this image could be significantly improved. The dog looks to perfect, shots like this are hard to get! Also, if you could edit the black bagWith the ziplock in it, that would be great too! Thank you!
  10. A

    Help me change our window color

    HI everyone. first post here. we are replacing our windows and we were hoping someone could photoshop them in two colors for me. We want all the white windows, front door, and garage trim done in both black, and very dark brown (almost black). Also, if you could change the color of the...
  11. Y

    need someone who can make my face looks good ( eye manipulation )

    as u see my face guys my face full of Small grains and a black and a black Spot so any one can help me and make that picture nice
  12. A

    Zombie apocalypse

    Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could take Alycia debnam carey's head, put it on the body of picture 1...Then cut Ali Larter (Claire Redfield) in picture two and place the both of them in a image with this apocalyptic background so that they are back to back? Also, could someone make sure that...
  13. B

    Car colour change

    Could someone please change the black car to the same green as the other. The colour is British racing green. Thanks.
  14. J

    Power Ranger Project

    I have this image of the Power Rangers... I want to make 2 version of this image. 1. Where all the Power Rangers appear to be the black power ranger (Change colour of their suits to black) 2. The opposite of the first picture... I want them to be all white with black highlights. If anyone...
  15. N

    Change The color of a Logo

    Hello every one.... Can someone help me Please? I wnat to replace the White color in this logo to Black one and the Black Color to White..... but please Use the same White color in this picture (a little bit silver) Thank U.
  16. F

    conversion from rgb to cmyk black on every channels

    Hi ! Can someone helps me ? I've got a serious problem of conversion from rgb to cmyk. I often receive files (images and types) from clients made in rgb... they want to print their works in cmyk (separation process) from postscrip or any kind of process CTF, CTP... When using Adobe Photoshop, I...
  17. C

    Creating a black or white background

    Hi, I am trying to edit some photographs of antiques, the problem I have is how to make multiple objects or plates have a white or black background? as the selection tool doesn't work is there another way to go around the edge or change the background colour? Thanks, Caroline
  18. N

    Could someone crop this photo for me?

    Hello, I'd really like to use the head of this pony for an xmas card but have no idea how to crop it so it's on a black background. Would someone be willing to do it for me please? Many thanks in advance :)
  19. P

    Someone please help!

    Hi! I'm wondering if there is someone that can get rid of what appears to be a black eye under my right eye. Greatly appreciated!
  20. R

    Reflection in Sunglasses

    Hi Everyone I have been tinkering with a photo that I took of my daughter - It was a quick snap with an iPhone as it was a blink and miss it moment I've been trying to play with the reflection, as you can see me in the reflection taking the pic. anything that I do looks really fake and...