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  1. G

    Need help making text stand out

    Hello! I'm making an image to print and hang in my house. My project is only composed of the image plus the texts on top. I need help finding an elegant solution to make the text stand out from the background image. I've tried the usual things like drop shadow, strokes etc.. but nothing really...
  2. fredfish

    Turn a background transparent on an animated gif

    Hi all is there an easy way to turn the background transparent on an animated gif? I have a student that is creating an animated game "Ident" using Photoshop and he wants to add an animated gif. The gif is a series of flames against a black background. My initial thought was to group all the...
  3. E

    Need a little touch up

    Hi I need some one to blend the edges of a image so it can blend into a black background Here is a sample image, if any one can blend these to images Thank you
  4. C

    Digital/Halftone type effect. How can I recreate this?

    Hi everyone, new here but not to Photoshop, wanting some input on how I could go about recreating this effect? I'm not even 100% sure what to google, it's sort of a digital halftone effect, not sure what else to call it. Creating a halftone and overlaying it doesn't quite produce the same...
  5. gedstar

    Blending Modes Explained

    Courtesy of The Complete Guide to Photoshop Blend Modes
  6. M

    Need help with combining pictures

    Hi, I am using Photoshop CS5 and I want to blend two pictures together to make a collage. I have included a picture that is like what I want to accomplish. Then I have included the picture I am working on to show where I have gotten to. I have used a layer mask to try to blend the two pictures...
  7. J

    how can i blend so that it won't make the levitation butt so flat ?

    Hi all, i trying to blend the butt so it wont turn out so flat. i trying using brush too and liquidfy but doesnt seems good to me anyone can assist me on this ? Before: After: Final Result:
  8. J

    Help error with auto blend

    This error happened when i auto blend two layer, i need help, thank you
  9. T

    What photoshop technique will get this job done?

    Although i know it may get very much so in dept , im looking to cover some of the basic techniques that may be used to acquire the color change effect in this photo. i like the idea of changing some of my images to blend with the background .
  10. B

    Could someone give me some advice.

    I am wanting to kind of blend this skull in with the fog. Is there any way I can do this?
  11. R

    Can blend mode be used on a selection?

    Hi, I selected a small area today, painted on it and changed the opacity. Then I thought it might be interesting to apply different blend modes to it, but they changed the whole image. I saved the selection. Made a new layer, cntrl-alt-shft-e and added the selection but it still didn't work...
  12. F

    Can someone blend these two images for me please, newb having a nightmare...

    Hi guys, I am a complete beginner to photoshop. I keep trying to blend these images together but they turn out horrible. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out, it is for a part of a college presentation. Im trying to blend the letter v into the mirror so it looks like it is...
  13. thePixelPixie

    Blend edges of Smart Object into background?

    Hi there, I have a smart object and would like to make the edges blend or feather into the background somehow. How would I achieve that? Thanks in advance. ~Laura
  14. S

    Please create a logo for me.

    i am new to the site and i am trying to see if I can get a logo made for a store i am going to be opening, it is an online store. i like something like this one doesn't have to have the kid in it or anything, the store name is going to be Spoiled1. like your are the spoiled one. it is going to...
  15. J

    Photoshopping/Skinning/Blending? Any methods I can do this?

    i need some help with blending in photoshop. i explained it in this video: here's the picture i'm trying to edit. i'm trying to get the face to blend in with the body: and here's the picture i copied my face from: does anyone know any good ways...
  16. M

    Photshop photo blend into and out of text

    Does anyone know how to do this? I'm trying to design a logo, I know how to blend my image I have into the text but I'd like to know how to get it like this effect in the picture here where it's within the text but coming out of it as well, any help anyone if greatly appreciate it
  17. T

    Blending a patch of sky with clouds added to sky of another photo

    I am trying to add a patch of sky with clouds to a photo of a flowering tree's sky (host). How do I blend the skies? I tried to match the patch's color as much as possible to the sky color of the host but both are of uneven darkness (darker in one area then another, in both the host & the...
  18. Y

    Question in group blend mode and layer blend mode

    Hello people!! :D I found some problem during work, could somebody please tell me why same blend mode effect on group and layer would look different? Thank you!!
  19. H

    Blended smoke image

    Hi guys, I have this idea in my head but wanted to know if anyone knew how to start it or create it! I want a main object similar to where the horse is below and have different images of people and items blending out from it with the smokey look, is this incredible hard to do? I know basic...
  20. A

    Blending Height maps Techniques

    Hello, I'm looking get some suggestions on how i can blend together two height maps, which are grayscale images that can build terrains or models using color value. I have place to different height maps side by size and I want to blend the seams so that when the model is created there is not a...