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  1. O

    Specific Please help with this photo 😄

    Can someone make this photo look even a little bit better , it’s all blurry and the light on the top right corner is horrible , just making it look even a bit better will help, is it even possible in some way?
  2. M

    How to both reduce noise and sharpen an image non-destructively.

    Ok, hey guys. I've got this macroshot of a grasshoppers face with the rest of the body going into shallow dof-ness. Only the very front of the face is sharp and even the back of the eyes starts to go blurry. The image is great, but I got a problem. I can't figure out how to sharpen the front...
  3. O

    Make it a bit lighter

    Hi! could anyone improve the quality of this pic so its not that dark and blurry? It is not good enough to post anywhere. Thanks
  4. S

    How to make picture less blury: Was Introduction

    Hi everyone! My name is Sara. I'm 18 and I'm so excited to be a part of this community. Thanks all. I have a question though. How to make this picture a little less...
  5. A

    Can someone make me look less blurry in this picture?

    edit: solved
  6. B

    The face is blurry?

    The picture is too light and the face is blurry. How do I fix it
  7. W

    Blurry image when inserted into psd

    Hi, I'm currently working on creating an advertisement in Photoshop cc. I created a logo in a separate psd and I would like to insert it into the advertisement. However when I use File>Place embedded or drag and drop then the quality of the logo I just placed lessens and is blurry when zooming...
  8. Coffee_Girl

    Patterns are blurry when reduced?

    I tried googling this solution but most of the answers were from 2004 and it was "there is no fix". 1) My patterns are fine at 25% 50% and 100%...but at any other number...they get insanely blurry =[ 2) Also, how can i rotate my patterns layer without rasterizing it first? And how can i...
  9. T

    Pixelation/resolution problem when opening Photoshop file

    Help! I'm relatively new to Photoshop but mostly know what I'm doing...however, I'm trying to open a PSD file that someone else created, and everything is pixelated or blurry in it. Photos are really low res/pixelated. When the person who created the file is working in it, it does not look like...
  10. Z

    Help! (Light / Background / Edges)

    Hi everyone! I'm new to photoshop and I need your help with a few things I'm stuck on at the moment. 1. I don't understand how to enlighten the picture. The originals are quite dark and I want to make them brighter. 2. This is one of the original pictures. As you can see, the...
  11. N

    Can someone improve the resolution on this image?

    This is image is going to be blown up onto an advertising sign but comes out really blurry when done. Can someone improve the resolution or make sharper?
  12. P

    Downsized image not clear - what to do?

    I am trying to downsize some logos but when I do it they come out blurry. I thought that making them smaller not larger I would have no problem keeping them sharp. The originals are in bitmap and jpg format. What steps should I take to get them downsized correctly?
  13. R

    Blurry edges when I cut and paste photo in new file

    Hi there, I'm sorry for the hassle but there is no way I can figure out this one myself, I have no idea how this happened :'O Basically when I select an image with the rectangular marquee tool, then cut and paste into a new file, for some reason the images gets blurry edges - you can see the...
  14. YahyaK

    Sharpening Blurry Images

  15. Vafann

    How to sharpen part of a blurry photo

    I have been working on a thing, and it´s getting better, now I need to know how to sharpen only the eye. The photo was already blurry to begin with so there is nothing to go back to. I have tried to select the eye and then use the unsharp mask, but that doesn´t seem to do anything. Any...