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  1. L

    Photoshop and Bridge Scripts posted

    Hi! I'm a working pro photographer and part-time coder and have written a number of utility scripts and demos for Bridge and Photoshop. I have uploaded a collection of these tools to my Dropbox. The latest version of my Script Utility Pack for Bridge is there as well. These scripts are open...
  2. M

    Photoshop CS6 Bridge is freezing, even after reinstall

    I recently had a Windows 10 update and my computer crashed immediately after. My tech guy got it going again (corrupt file) and everything seems to work just fine EXCEPT Bridge. The Photoshop side seems to work fine except when I start it up, it now opens a NEW DOCUMENT window every time, but...
  3. M

    Can't view PNG files in Photoshop CS6

    I have not had this problem until a couple of weeks ago but I can no longer view my PNG files in photoshop. They show up as a little square with PS in them when I look in bridge. I can open them and work with them without problem but can't see them in bridge. Is there some way for me to fix...
  4. B

    Activation/Upgrade Help

    I use Photoshop CS6. The other day I had to get a new computer, I cloned the old drive to a new one in the new computer. PS opened fine but when I went to use Bridge and open images in Camera Raw there was a message that said I had to open photoshop before Camera Raw would work. I opened images...
  5. R

    Print Multi-Pics on one page

    Have made 1 post in the past. Need to find out how to select and print multiple 4X6 pictures on one 8.5X11 glossy photopaper. I am using PS3 and Bridge. Thanking you in advance for any help. Roger
  6. P

    Change EXIF Createdate

    I was asked if the EXIF CreateDate could be changed in Adobe Bridge, so I came up with a scripted solution. To install unzip and place this script into the following folder: Start Bridge Edit - Preferences -Startup Scripts At the bottom click the "Reveal Button" this will open the folder...
  7. J

    Tangled up in PS, Premier Pro and Bridge... Help

    Very New, Very green, Very old.. but very interested. I need to move a graphic (jpeg) into PS, change it to a PNG with a transparent background, and use it as a "graphic in text" in a Premiere Pro Title. So far, I know how to do all these steps... but then I got boxed in. When I open Bridge...
  8. E

    bridge is burning

    1st, please forgive my typing which I'll be doing one-handed for the next month or so. I'm running Windows 8.1, Photoshop CC (2014) and Bridge CC. I also use Faststone Image Viewer which I've used for 5 or 6 yrs. My problem, which just started, is that when I click on a file in bridge, it...
  9. J

    Bridge Rotate not working

    Bridge CC Edit Rotate is not working, Please help.
  10. hershy314

    Trip home

    Finally made it home for the holidays. Just wish it would of lasted longer than 24 hours. Hell I wish I would stayed. I was only able to get a couple of shots. Nothing spectacular lol. Took these while walking down the street. Did get a few weird looks carrying a tripod. Did need it, so oh...
  11. P

    Bridge CC trying to open PS CS3 instead of CC

    Hi all I am looking for some help with a Bridge CC to PS CC configuration issue I have In bridge if I right click an image and select open it opens in Photoshop as it should, but if I right click and go to Open With Photoshop it tries to open with Photoshop CS3 which is not on my system, I...
  12. C

    bridge cc slow to start

    Has anyone noticed since the last update that bridge is slow to start. It used to open a lot faster than it is now. Just curious.
  13. jodevizes

    Batch Automation Batching in Bridge was fine then went weird. Help Please.

    I am using PS6 from the cloud and have Windows 8. I was happily batch renaming using Bridge when suddenly it started making the first one 00 instead of 01 then went on to rename next image 01 as 01(1) then next image 02 then next image as 02(1). This happened to the first dozen or so then the...
  14. T

    Bridge Photo Web Gallery Question

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to have more than one gallery in an Adobe Web Gallery? I am using Adobe Web Gallery as my website (not imbedded into an existing website) and would like to have more than one gallery to organize my photos. I have noticed that there is a toggle...
  15. zoephoto

    CS6 Bridge camera raw issue! Help!

    I may be missing an obvious setting, but my camera raw dialogue box has had a new set of sliders in CS6 then it did in CS5 - it will have exposure with contrast right under, instead of cs5 where contrast is at the bottom, etc. Some raw files are opening up that old cs5 dialogue box in cs6...
  16. inkpad.t

    The Bridge

    Hi all... This is the first time i have used a lot of brushes for painting in a manipulation, used some photos for refernace and only three main images,bg, bridge and truck. Just wondered what you think. Thank you.
  17. yoda007

    What is the function of the Bridge?

    I have a plank question to ask but am a bit fuzzy on the function of the Brigde in Adobe -when/why would you use it - or is this question way too broad and vague to answer? Please advise...:question::question:
  18. C

    Trash unused Bridge app?

    Hello! I have Photoshop Elements 6, and do not use the Bridge application. Is there any reason that I need to keep it, or can I safely "trash" it? Thanks for any info...
  19. adeee

    Adobe bridge problem in photoshop.

    guys i have a problem with adobe bridge. when i try to open it from photoshop it give the error some thing like this. Runtime error cannoy open C:\program files\adobe\adobe bridge cs4\bridge.exe here is the situation i think its involve in this error. first i install adobe fireworks and...
  20. SeniorS

    Adding filter to Bridge?

    Hello! How to add filter (i kinda need to filter images by colormode) to Brige's filter panel? Is it possible? I can't find that option but maybe just looking in wrong place.