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  1. C

    What style is this?

    Don't mind the crappy job, I'm new to the whole experience. I have spent days searching for this style/design of photos with no luck, so I decided to attempt to do it myself and post to ask what this is called. Here are the before and after images. I do not own the image. I cut out a piece...
  2. L

    What technique is this and how can I recreate it

    Hi, I coach my son's little league team and last year made posters form all the kids. They loved it. This year however, I'd like to up the game a little and wanted to create something like this...? What is the technique called and maybe how i could go about doing it with pictures of the...
  3. 1

    Font Problem in photoshop cs6,please help

    I have a font I would like to use within photoshop but the £ sign always reverts back to default font,the font i am trying to use does have the £ sign but just won't work,any suggestions please TYIA... also attached is a picture of what is happening... maybe there is something im doing wrong...
  4. F

    Create an album cover for fictitious 80s heavy metal hair band called Pinocchio.

    So let me give you come context... Back in the 80s me and my friends were into such bands as Bon Jovi and Cinderella (who only had a couple hits such as Nobody's Fool)... We had a friend who was very gullible so we convinced him there was a band called "Pinocchio" and we made fun of him for...
  5. G

    3D Lowpoly Octopus

    Hello for the first time i bring to this session a series of videos I'm making of a scenario called Lost In The Sea. It's for a video game we creating in the company I work. And this Octopus is the first one of the series. Soon there will be videos from, setting the world and materials to look...
  6. M

    Please Help Me! HOW DO I DO THIS?

    I was messing around on lightroom and hit A then this filter thing popped up. thats the picture with the filter. I tried saving it and it didnt work. I bet there is a way to do this in photoshop but i dont know what it is called or anything if anyone has a tutorial that would be amazing thank you.
  7. S

    swirl 2.0

    HI, I've lost a plugin called swirl 2.0 (it is an old plugin ) . could you help me? Thanks Patrizio
  8. M

    HELP: How to achieve this dark effect

    I have seen this done a lot and each time I see it, I fall in love with it even more (the "after" photo). I am not sure what this effect or technique is called, but does anyone know how this is done? Is there a name for this technique, or a particular plug-in/filter? I can't seem to find any...
  9. Z

    Whats this effect called ?

    Whats this effect called ? I think its pattern overlay ?? or brush work?? Any tutorial or tips r really appreciated cheers n regards zoe20
  10. B

    Name these seamless tile repeating patterns. How can I get or make them?

    What this kind of pattern is called and Where can i get it ? Gurus Please suggest .Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance :naughty::naughty: Pattern - 1 Pattern - 2 Pattern - 3
  11. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  12. B

    whats this cooli effect is called ??

    Hi Gurus i found these 2 images on google and one is the original image and the other ones is from a web site .I really wonder how this photo manipulation effect is called ? See how they cool made the image as a blt light in color.I would like to know whats thsi effect is called and any tutorial...
  13. S

    trying to make a phone case have a imagef

    Hi guys I am totally new to PS I am wondering if any one can help me make a image so it looks like this I have no idea what this is called so all help is appreciated thanks :D
  14. S


    Hello! :wave: Newbie here! I'm Anna, from the UK and I've only just recently started using Photoshop and am still learning the most basic of ropes - there is so much ground to cover! I'm sure I'll be picking some of your brains soon. I also don't have a cat called Sid, I do however have a...
  15. Zain Khan

    Art Style help

    Hello my PSG friends. I am stuck with finding out the art style of the attached image. Can I know what is this art-style called? So I can search for relevant example of its tutorials I just want to know what is this art-style called
  16. B

    Newbie seeking some advice.....

    I'm new to the forum and am seeking a bit of advice. I photograph motorcycle road racing as a hobby and have used PS for some basic fixes. I recently came across the below image and was wondering what the effect is called and how to go about it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a...
  17. IamSam

    Does anyone remember what this Photoshop effect is called?

    I don't remember what this effect is called. Anyone remember?
  18. Paul

    Web Browsers

    I use Chrome mostly, but just been asked to try one called Torch. Anyone used it or heard of it?
  19. I

    What is this called?

    What is this effect called and how can you do this?
  20. K

    What is this lighting effect called and does anybody have it so I can download it.

    Hi I am looking for this lighting can some please tell me where I can download that effect. Thanks