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  1. A

    Which profile to choose for 80gsm office paper while printing

    Greetings I would like to print images with Canon ip4600 printer on an a4 80gsm copy/office paper. I use photoshop cs5 so what should the icc colour profile be to print. i have tried to print with glossy a6 paper but i get an yellow shade. thus i plan to make the a6 image into a pdf ,and print...
  2. P

    Printing greeting cards issue

    Windows 10, Canon IX6550, Photoshop CC2015. I have been trying to print greeting cards, using 7x10" paper, but no matter what I do the print always comes out with a thin border. Choosing 'borderless' in the Canon print preferences only produces a warning message and the resetting of the paper...
  3. V

    Hello from the Darkside

    Just kidding, just downloaded the latest version subscription and the learning curve now starts. Always wanted to try this app out so I said what the heck, just bought the Canon Rebel T5 and looking forward to using and learning it and using the photoshop app.
  4. hershy314

    New lens

    I finally got a new lens for my camera, got myself a SIGMA 70-210MM F/4-5.6 UC LENS FOR CANON EF MOUNT. The price was pretty good which is why I got it. But now I'm having trouble. I was told this lens would work with my camera, a Canon EOS Rebel XTi, but when I try to take a photo it tells me...
  5. B

    3D Canon Lens (model)

    Made in Maya. Used PS to add lens flare, text and a filter. Let me know what you think.
  6. peta62

    Camera RAW for Canon 5D Mark III ?

    Hello, does anybody have an idea how or where to find about Camera RAW support for Canon 5D Mark III in Photoshop ? I have downloaded the new Camera raw update from Adobe web, but it still does not accept its format. Thank you, Peter
  7. T

    Need help on canon powershot digital camera.

    I have canon powershot digital camera with which i had taken pictures on Christmas day. When i connected the memory card of canon camera to my computer it says i need to format the memory card before using it? So i formatted it then i saw there were no photos in the card. I have also ticked on...
  8. T

    Canon eos 1100d cr2 file

    I have Canon eos 1100d and I have taken photos cr2 format and I couldn't open the photos in Photoshop 7. I also couldn't open them with Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer. Can you give me advice how to open them?
  9. Burned Ice

    canon eos 1000D good?

    my sister has this canon eos 1000D camera, is that a good camera to shoot pic's like the butterfly of hoogleman? camera picture:
  10. T

    cs2 and cr2 problems with new canon 1100d

    Hi there, I'm in need of some help..... and I'm hoping someone out there knows what to do!! Problem: I currently have cs2 installed on a mac powerbook running osx 10.4. I have always been able to view my raw files taken with my eos 350D but I needed to upgrade so I treated my self to a new...