1. P

    Collage problem - Smart Object VS Transform degradation

    Hello all, I am trying to make a collage of about 15 images on an A3 sized sheet. Many of the images will need to be resized, cropped, and sometimes masked with gradient transparencies... sounds easy but... I dragged the pix to the A3 Photoshop document, and each had to be double clicked as...
  2. M

    mixing two pictures

    Hi I am trying to make a collage for my brother in love, but I need to mix these to pictures together so his upperarm gets onthe swimmer in the water (it would be the swimmer with the reed on his right arm). Can anyone fix this, so I can get on with my collage. thanks a lot
  3. N

    help in an idea for birthday collage

    Good Morning friends I want to make a birthday photo card or collage for my best friend , containing 5 to 8 photos can you help me with a special idea :D thanks alot:wink:
  4. L

    Collage templates for photoshop?

    Hi, I would like to make numerous "collage" or gallery style images for a website. I have been trying to create them from scratch in PS but finding it much more difficult than I expected to achieve a polished look. I wonder if anyone knows of a template that is free to use? I would like...
  5. J

    Collage with Photoshop CS6

    Can anyone kindly give me step-by-step instructions how to make a collage in Photoshop CS6? I use Windows 8.1 and Firefox. Many thanks. JoeJ B
  6. M

    After Effects Creating Photo Collage Animation in After Effects

    Hi This is a tutorial that shows how to create really cool photo collage in After Effects
  7. T

    Downsize image . Resize collage . Keep quality .

    Hello! Very much so a noob question . ive done my research and im just here for a very definite tutorial . im learning how to resize images from Big to small. Only problem is i cant seem to keep the high quality resolution . Ive included both images .. the "moonshine" collage is what id like to...
  8. C

    How to create a similar youtube thumbnail like this?

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to create this collage sort of effect for my youtube thumbnails? Thanks :)
  9. S

    Turn this into a realistic collage

    So I tried to make a collage using this method: It turned out okay, but I find that the "pictures" look too fake. How do I make the pictures look as if they were printed on real glossy photo paper? (This is my first ever photoshop and I am using CS2 because I'm broke...
  10. A

    Creating collage with set outline

    Hi All, Got in over my head on this project. I'm attempting to make a collage of images inside of an outline of my state, Alaska. I found a couple of outlines of Alaska, have the images I want to make the collage out of, and have the background image that the outline and collage will go on...
  11. A

    easiest way to make a collage?

    Hi guys Here's the thing I stumble upon making a lot of collages... Like this for instance: Thing is sometimes i deal with a LOT of pictures (for the same collage). What i usually do is arrange the pictures 1 by 1, putting them in the right place. Do you know of any plugin for photoshop that...
  12. P

    A-Z Picture "Collage"

    Hi friends :) Recently I had a quite boring day all for myself, so I decided to make a collage featuring one thing starting on each letter A-Z. It was quite fun, so I thought that you also could create one :) It could be fun to see what photos u used, and more. This is my collage :) It quite...
  13. C

    Trying to create a 'grid look' photo collage..Having sizing problems!

    Hey All! Hope you guys are well x I'm trying to create an album design that has a grid effect with all the images I have. But I can't figure out how to put specific dimensions on each layer..I've tried the image size option but its not working - do I need to free transform and try to figure...
  14. Hoogle

    ideas or templates wanted for photo collage

    Hi PSGs I am new to this forum and all though I have never been officially trained using the program with the help of magazines and youtube oh and not to forget forums I have a good knowledge of the program but mainly in photo manipulation and beauty touch ups, Ok intrroduction over I have been...
  15. alecaim

    Help Turning a Concept into Reality

    Hello, So I have an idea to make a collage of flags in the shape of a mushroom cloud. I have a couple hundred flags that I can use, but how can I make the collage without placing each flag manually? Thanks!