colour change

  1. W

    Specific Can you please match the skin tone?

    Hey, if you could please match the skin tone of the girl, with the boy's skin tone. And if you could please do some extra details to make the faces more realistic. eg. shadows, lightings etc.
  2. G

    Specific Car wheel colour change

    Hi! Is anyone able to make the wheels black on my car? Really grateful for any help as I’m so useless at photoshop haha. Thank you in advance! I would be super happy! Mod edit: One image per edit request. Any additional images will require it's own request. Thanks.
  3. B

    Changing colour while maintaining shading?

    Hi! I'm having difficulty changing the colours on this picture: I want to change the colours to something more like this: What I can't seem to figure out is how to keep the shading (to make it look more like a real cord) while changing the colours...any ideas on how to change it? Any help is...
  4. 0Naught4Nothing0

    Specific Looking for someone to easily swap colours

    So, I've found a lovely image, which I intend to use as a reference for an OC I plan on roleplaying as. Unfortunately, it has the wrong hair colour. I am looking for someone to change the brown hair colour to black. I understand if this isn't possible for one reason or another, but I would...
  5. F

    Adding false color to grey-scale x-ray images - help!

    I've my dissertation next year, and would like to investigate the use of airport style x-ray images in radiological x ray images. The airport style images colourise pixels of a greyscale image based on their darkness (ie. black-->green, grey---->orange, light----->blue). This mean I need some...
  6. T

    i have been stuck for hours, I need this lizard to be brown/er!

    Hi Guys, Long time photoshop user, but new to photography editing. I have attached and image with a white background this is the image i am currently working on. Dragon/Lizard I have also attached the image of the kind of look I'm after and advice would be so great!:thumbsup:
  7. P

    Black To Cream

    Hi everyone, Happy New Year! New here and would appreciate some help please :) Im fine changing colours of objects on images however im struggling to change a black leather chair into a cream leather chair... Any tips or links to tutorials? thanks in advance
  8. Unmasked

    CS6 Printing issue - Rose coloured glasses...

    Hi there folks; Having a few issues printing some portraits from CS6. Technical stuff first...Running Win 7 Ultimate, Eizo monitor (calibrated with Spyder 3 Pro), have 16 Gb RAM. Shots are in Adobe RGB, paper profile is set as per normal, rendering relative colormetric, media and paper...
  9. O

    Struggling to change colour & local contrast of a crack

    Hi, I've been struggling the whole day to change the colour of the black crack in the attached picture to red (to match my other samples) whilst fading the crack edging (paint overrun). The best I could get was to manually dodge tool the cracks to lessen the excess paint outside of the cracks...